“New York city police arrested Harvey Weinstein

Accused of sexual harassment film producer was a volunteer

Harvey Instantphoto: Reuters

– Accused of sexual harassment, the Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein on Friday morning has turned himself in to police in new York and was arrested, according to CNN.

That the warrant of arrest, Weinstein was already issued, it became known on Thursday. The source reported that the arraignment at least at one point.

Weinstein is expected to appear at the trial later on Friday.

According to The New York Times, Weinstein appear before the court on charges of rape and forced oral sex that is considered attempted sexual freedom in accordance with the laws of new York.

About who of the women became victim of rape, not reported. As for the second accusation, it probably is about the actress Lucy Evans. Producer, as argued by Evans, forced her to perform oral sex while listening in 2004. The actress was one of the first told the story to the New Yorker magazine in October 2017.

Investigated also is the testimony of actress Paz de La Huerta, claiming that Weinstein had raped her twice.

Previously, the film producer denied the allegations of sexual harassment, rape, blackmail and intimidation of women victims. In addition to the NYPD, the investigation engaged in in Los Angeles and London.

The scandal of sexual harassment mostly women in Hollywood erupted in October 2017. It began with the publication of the investigation of the newspaper The New York Times about Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment by dozens of women, including famous Hollywood Actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and employee based companies. Some talked about rape.

A total of about 80 women accused the former producer of the violent acts of a sexual nature. The investigators believe that Weinstein harassed women mostly in hotel rooms where he was called ostensibly to discuss a future career in film.

In the aftermath of the scandal, the wife of Weinstein actress Georgina Chapman filed for divorce. Considered until recently one of the most influential Hollywood producers, Weinstein came under obstruction colleagues and lost his own company, and in the United States began a large-scale campaign against harassment.

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