Psychologists have called an unexpected problem that could prevent the conquest of Mars

Technological aspects of a manned mission to Mars are not the only to consider that such expedition was a success. This is the opinion of Lauren Landon from the American space Agency NASA. In his opinion, more attention should be given to the training of astronauts to a team under often stressful conditions.


According to the scientist, to date, not too much is known about how the human psyche would react to long term space travel. It is very important to the participants of such expeditions had maintained emotional stability, ability to negotiate, the willingness to accept new experiences and to adapt to unusual situations. In addition, astronauts should not be extroverts or introverts better to stick to the Golden middle. Finally, an important advantage could be the ability to keep a sense of humor in a situation when it would have helped to defuse the tense situation.

Landon believes that all these qualities can be quite difficult to maintain, while in months the way from the home planet, and knowing that every message will reach the Ground long enough. Specialist, who published their study in the journal American Psychologist, believes that the training of people to fly to Mars should pay attention to the slightest conflict between them, because the conditions are not the most comfortable sleep and overall unusual situation to resist the conflict will be difficult.

However, we cannot say that today this aspect is really overlooked. The year before, in the U.S. state of Hawaii ended held during the year scientific experiment simulating a flight to Mars. It was attended by six scholars from three countries, who held in complete isolation and on the background of the Martian landscape 366 days. And from 2010 to 2011, the Russian specialist, with the assistance of the European space Agency was organized by a longer experiment of this kind, called “Mars-500” in which simulated flight to the Red planet lasted for 520 days.

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