Threat skewers: cancer can be simply standing at the grill

The sensational conclusion made by the luminaries of science of China. After a series of experiments, they found that the carcinogens that can encourage the emergence of cancer cells, can get into human organism together with smoke from the grill.


The fact that consumption of fried and fatty food, and in the studied case of the barbecue, inside gets a large number of hazardous substances has long been known. But even refusing treats people at risk to earn a cancer of lungs, bladder and skin, just standing next to the grill. The fact is that the flesh consists of the muscular and fatty tissues and, as they heat, amino acids and other components of the drip on the hot coals underneath the product. There they are converted into polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that rise up, settling on the pieces of kebab. In this part of the vapor comes with the smoke and sticks to the exposed areas of the skin of people standing nearby.

Scientists conducted a study in which several people standing at different distances from the grill while cooking meat. As shown by the analysis of urine of the subjects, those who were closer, got a large dose of carcinogens than others. In addition, experts have found that exposure to PAHs on the skin, than on the lungs when inhaled. That is, even if the person will hold air and will not touch meat which has settled on the skin harmful substances can contribute to the development of his cancer.

However, the Russian toxicology the findings of their Eastern colleagues did not support and was told “MK” that the panic and put a ban on such a pleasant thing as a kebab, not worth it.

– In any products today we can detect certain chemicals, says the doctor of medical Sciences Victor Shilov. – A barbecue on the coals is a method traditional in many Nations, from which so far no one has died. As for the coal, before the whole house was heated with it, and the oven was right inside the building. It even slept, but no cancers have appeared and nothing happened. Everything is bad in moderation. For example, when cooking barbecue chefs use a special technology adapted through the centuries: simply stand at some distance from the grill.

In any case, the recommendations of Chinese scholars will be able to fence you from the harmful effects of carcinogens. The rules are simple: close the clothes as much as possible of the skin, and quickly change the smoke-soaked clothes as soon as I finished cooking.

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