In the Russian youth theater staged the story of Gorky “Karamora”

The 150th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Gorky in the Russian youth theater Alexander Juhlin put “Caramuru” on the short story the main proletarian writer. In a stuffy cube “the Black room”, the viewer feels like in the dungeons.


The existence of “Karamari” many did not know even such an intellectual, as artistic Director of theatre Alexey Borodin. And the young people that he does not abandon, suddenly pulled the story to light, and he sounded as if written today. Meanwhile, for the first time “Caramuru” printed in 1924 in the magazine “Interview” and then it became a book of stories Gorky. In a letter to Romain Rolland, Gorky wrote that he remembered meeting with agents provocateurs M. Gurovich, E. Azev and other. Yevno Azef, head of the organization of the socialist-revolutionaries and dealing with preparation of terrorist attacks, and became the main prototype of Kuramori.

Caramori colloquially referred to as large, resembling a spider a mosquito. The nickname was awarded his own son Peter Karazin his father is a mechanic. As the water looked. Comrades in the revolutionary underground Peter was respected because he was a convinced revolutionary, until I happened to him unpleasant story. Was he a traitor, had told the police comrades, did not receive gratitude, was cast into a cell, and is awaiting execution of a death sentence.

Director Alexander Juhlin tried to figure out what actually forced the revolutionary to become agent of the secret police. “You know I’m capable of the feat. Well, that’s also meanness sometimes and pulls someone some nasty make — nearest” is the word working-provocateur Zachary Mihailova spoken before the Commission of inquiry in 1917. The story of bitter accompanied by statements of Russian writers on a given topic. For example, Turgenev: “the Russian human brains are scrambled”.

Karamora performed by a recent graduate of the Shchukin school Ivan Vorotnyak — a ruddy country boy, simple as truth, with a healthy psyche. Looking at him, and not think that he can ask the essential questions of life. The explanation he gives himself: “Live in me two people, one to the other is not used”. Here he sits in a dark cell. Have time to think, to Express thoughts in confession. Karamora recalls how consumptive Jew Leopold instructed him, discovering the truth about socialism. On stage it looks comical, like a joke on the theme of revolution. And though a poor Leopold performed by Ivan Yurov, but changed the life of Kuramori and away misery through the fault of the damned intelligentsia.

Karamora Gorky tries to understand why it is so sweet to lead the people. But Peter Ivan Vorotnyak — the other starter, he’s silly and not at all a dangerous person, who should be a tougher punishment. He is at ease in scenes with a friend Sasha — a specialist in childhood diseases. It’s all in blue, from blouses to shoes and life together they began to turn blue blue. Artist Anastasia Bugaeva in a tiny space set up near a pile of coal muslin world in the spirit of Zoshchenko or Shkvarkin.

Lyudmila Pivovarova Sasha plays and Tasia — lover in the flesh, and the perfect girlfriend to fight that Karamora some reason they didn’t — most likely, for the innocence. Here Sasha — another. She shamelessly offered herself, while Peter hesitated in anticipation of the real thing. With a fan of Sasha, he quickly disposed of: said where, and then my hand.

Nothing terrible, we will not see. Cute and talented guys told us a joke about the perpetrators of the meanness of the hero, in which there is no remorse, no self-loathing. Because he is a hero of a different novel.

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