“In the Tretyakov gallery told about the extent of damage to the victim Repin

A vandal tore the canvas in three places, the canvas on which has already been attempted in 1913, withdrew from the exhibition

In the halls of the State Tretyakov gallery. Archived fotofoto: TASS, Igor Nosov

– Picture by Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”, also known as “Ivan the terrible kills his son”, in the Tretyakov gallery damaged, it is removed from the permanent exhibition, reported “Interfax” the press service of the Museum.

Earlier it was reported that police detained a man damaged the painting by Repin in “the Tretyakov gallery” – it is a metal bar fence broke the glass of the picture and damaged the canvas.

“The picture is damaged. Canvas broken in three places in the Central part of the work on the figure of the Prince. From falling glass was badly damaged art frame. By happy coincidence, the most valuable – the images of the faces and hands of the king and the Prince – have not suffered”, – have informed “Interfax” in the state Tretyakov gallery.

After primary investigation, the restorers of the Museum held an urgent emergency work. Extracted the shards of glass, dismantled paintings and frames, after which “the work was withdrawn from the permanent exhibition and transferred to the restoration workshop of the Museum.”

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A criminal case under the article “Destruction or damage of cultural heritage objects”.

On a scene there arrived the chief curator, conservators, management of security service of the Museum, and also the staff of specialized firms for the work of art.

General Director of the state Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova is on a business trip, but “owns operational information, and is in constant contact with Museum staff by phone, informs about the current leadership of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation”.

“Restorers of the Tretyakov gallery should immediately begin studying the effects of strikes and develop a consistent program for the restoration works. Among the priority actions conduct an extended restoration Council with participation of leading specialists of the country”, – said the press service.

“Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”

The painting “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581” (also known as “Ivan the terrible kills his son”) was written by Ilya Repin in the years 1883-1885.

It was purchased in 1885 by the founder of the Tretyakov gallery, the Moscow merchant Pavel Tretyakov from the author with a traveling show.

Earlier, more than 100 years ago, the picture has already been attacked. January 16, 1913 the painting had suffered from three strokes of the knife, which caused dvadtsatipyatiletnih painter, believer, son of a major furniture manufacturer Abram Balashov, after which the person depicted, the artist had to actually recreate again. The restoration was attended and Ilya Repin, and Trustee of the Tretyakov gallery, the artist Igor Grabar.

After the attack on the painting in 1913, the painting is under the close supervision of restorers, and since 1927 is kept constantly under glass.

Since the acquisition of the painting “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan…” are constantly presented in the exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery and is never given out to the exhibition.

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