“Prime Minister of Japan wanted to see his national team and Russia in the final of the 2018 world Cup

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he dreams of reaching the final of the world Cup between the national teams of Japan and Russia.

“Let’s imagine what could be “samurai blue (blue samurai) won in all the previous matches, will battle in the finals with Russia,” – said the Japanese Prime Minister, speaking Friday at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

He suggested that such dreams had visited him, perhaps because of the large time difference between Japan and Saint Petersburg. “Such dreams come to me now and I got some strange optimism may be due to the fact that there is a big time difference with Japan,” – jokingly said Abe.

Addressing to present at the forum, French President Emanuel the Macron, Prime Minister of Japan said, “In my dream, the French national team, “blue”, has to lose in the semifinals of the “samurai blue”. Although I actually think that France would defeat Japan with considerable expense, but, you know, if we are to dream, as they say, big. So let’s dream a little”.

Next Japanese leader moved on to a more serious tone. “What will be a world where Japan and Russia can establish between a constant stability,” said Abe.

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