Akinfeev talks about the team’s defeat because of the stress – ridiculous excuses

According to the captain of Russian national football team Igor Akinfeev, the view that the cause of the defeat became a physical burden on fees is erroneous. That team lost the match due to fatigue of the players after a hard training camp, said TASS Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko. The Russian team can’t win six consecutive games.

Cherchesova’s wards lost to the Austrians, demonstrating a rather sluggish game. The only dangerous moment at the gate not very strong Austrian team came after an hour of play, when Smolov got in the penalty area the ball from Golovin, but to score failed, the ball went two feet from the rod. In turn, the Austrians periodically created dangerous moments at the gate of the Russians, was a player, “West ham” Marko Arnautovic.

Head coach Stanislav Cherchesov after the game noted the large number of individual errors and the lack of the last pass. “Now they lack of freshness, plus need the final pass, because the approaches to the gate we had”, he explained.

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko believes that the defeat is due to fatigue of the players after a hard training camp. “The players have come through a difficult two-week training camp, so the game we saw today, not much abounded in striking episodes,” he said.

According to the captain, the goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev, the opinion that the team lost because of the stress on the collection is erroneous.

“Rate the game – none of my business, evaluating the game scoreboard, which showed that Austria was stronger. The fact that we were under a load of ridiculous excuses, we have to go out and play, if the team is not playing, the score will not change,” he explained.

He added that in the locker room was quiet, had a normal conversation. Positive in the match that has managed to avoid injury.

Another friendly match, the Russians will hold on June 5 in Moscow against Turkey.

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