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Russian players lost in a friendly match

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The football team of Russia carried out a friendly match in preparation for the 2018 world Cup

Hello everybody!

“Interfax” to you, lovers of football, offers live text commentary of the friendly match between the national teams of Austria and Russia!

The game will take place in Austria and will start at 21:45 Moscow time!

The reason for its implementation – preparation of Russians for the upcoming world Cup!

Austria is not a party to the 2018 world Cup in Russia, but is the favorite of the match against the Russians. So said the bookmakers.

Bookmakers named the Austria national team football the favorite of the match. https://t.co/hVHsNdLS5Q

— Interfax (@interfax_news) 29 may 2018

We wish the players luck, but also to avoid injuries!

The starting lineup of the national team of Russia!


— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) May 30, 2018

So the Russian players are warming up

Out to warm up! pic.twitter.com/wcuUbSzqoZ

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) May 30, 2018

I – and my name is Vladimir Nardin – an honest man. And if you publish the same team, I prefer to publish the composition and its opponents:

So spielen wir gegen Russland! 💪 🏻 🇦 🇹 ⚽ App #AUTRUS #ÖFB2018 pic.twitter.com/ops027dU6X

— ÖFB – oefb.at (@oefb1904) May 30, 2018

Not without pleasure will publish the Protocol with the two squads at the same time!

#AUTRUS #ÖFB2018 pic.twitter.com/B7eSHz8xMk

— ÖFB – oefb.at (@oefb1904) May 30, 2018

Our workout


— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) May 30, 2018

But the game is about to begin!

The team is already on the field!


The game is on!


The Russians are playing white-blue, Austrians in white and red!


Note (although you probably have long identified this person in the lists of starting compounds) the presence on the field, Sergei Ignashevich, who returned to the Russian team after talks with her chief coach Stanislav Cherchesov!


Yuri Zhirkov was brought down on the left flank attack of the Russian team. Penalty!


Acted hesitantly goalkeeper of the national team of Austria. But at least moved the ball for a corner


Managed the Austrian players to intercept the ball and go on the opposite half of the field


This is the penultimate match of the Russians before the start of the 2018 world Cup. On 5 June the team of Stanislav Cherchesov will play at home against Turkey.


Russian Mario Fernandez tried to dunk the ball into the penalty area the Austrians on the right flank. I was in the back of the defender


Shot on goal Russians!!!!


Peter Jules beat from about the penalty over the crossbar the ball flew!


The response of the Russians: Alexander Samedov, bottom beat! Past the gate!


Repeatedly enters the game Mario Fernandez

Attack @TeamRussia pic.twitter.com/k2e7f1QXT7

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) May 30, 2018


So. For the game the first room passed the Austrian national team


Arnautovic caught the moment to strike, and – imagine! – punched. I swear I did not notice it to anyone of our players got the ball, eventually the ball from the rebound coolly sunk to the hands of our goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev.


But it’s actually “one” Jose Mourinho?

José #Mourinho is in the house! 😎🤙🏻 #autrus pic.twitter.com/YzhMcAhfc0

— Wiesi💯 (@cwiesi82) May 30, 2018


“Go (the rest is illegible, approx. If)” – called someone Cherchesov


Very active Russians on the defensive in the last minutes



(I wanted to organize the affair and at first, just write that goal. And anyone who is a type of secondary)


Austria – Russia. 1:0


Marko Arnautovic took the game over on the right flank, though, and embarrassed, moved the ball to the center (in the penalty). Transfer chose to respond two Austrian player. Agile was Alessandro SCHOPF, he struck the gate..


Well. Hope our win. By the way, the word “our”…


One psychologist (forgot her name) once gave the example of football fans. According to her observations in case of victory of the favorite team it (team) fans say the first person: “We won!!!”. And when the team loses, the fans speak about it in the third person: “Our lost…”

I conducted an experiment and got me on it my mate. Maybe that will turn out for you? I would be glad if you leave feedback in the comments to our online social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter…)


Fedor Smolov received a yellow card for a rough tackle


SCHOPF nearly doubled the score. Shifted from the left flank closer to the centre, he struck from the penalty line. Didn’t hit the goal


Mario Fernandez easily got the ball in the foot protector and turned the game on a corner of the Austrians


Translated from the Russian to the Austrian word “GOOOOL” called TOOOOR

28′ | TOOOOOOOOR von Alesssndro #Schöpf – nach Zuspiel von #Arnautovic!
🇦🇹:🇷🇺 | 1:0 | #AUTRUS pic.twitter.com/JLzUoMMi1a

— ÖFB – oefb.at (@oefb1904) May 30, 2018


Vladimir Granat was caught in the grip Marco Alaba the Russian penalty area and received a yellow card. And now also will be a dangerous free kick!


Arnautovic struck the bottom, and the Russian goalkeeper and captain Akinfeev pulled the ball flying barbell!


The chief judge (end of the first half – apparently, the time to announce his name: Bass, Nahas, the Netherlands) was added to the first half a minute. Break! See you all after break, comrades!!!


The second half started! With the ball – our!


I don’t think it is worth avoiding this kind of info

On the match – 14 500 fans pic.twitter.com/6sjYoA9c9T

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) May 30, 2018


Another picture with the image of Mourinho. Photos from the series “Sometimes they smile”

Im Bild einer der besten seiner Zunft und Jose Mourinho #fcw1913 #AUTRUS #inundaut pic.twitter.com/3IHVuvbDAf

— FC Wacker Innsbruck (@wackerinnsbruck) May 30, 2018


During the break there was only one substitute and that is not us. Florian Grillitsch out is Julian Baumgartlinger


Arnautovic entered the penalty area, tried to punch: punch was blocked!


And here the chances for Austria: Alexander Samedov has hung from the right flank into the penalty area. There in the jump foot trying to close Fedor Kudryashov, but before the ball reached


Replace the part of the Russians Alan Dzagoev instead of Daler kuziaev’s


David Alaba came on for Alessandro Sappa composed of Austrians


Akinfeev again helps out our team, parrying a hard shot from outside the box!


Smolov has received an exact pass from Golovin and without interference with the penalty shot into the corner. By!


Anton Miranchuk is Alexander Samedov came to the part of the Russians


Denis Cheryshev change Yuri Zhirkov. It is also a Russian replacement


The defender of Russian national team Mario Fernandez got injured. He was assisted by doctors. Russian Brazilian (or Brazilian Russian) and continue the game


Or rather, do not continue. Is Fernandez is replacing Igor Smolnikov. But it is rather routine, not emergency replacement. Fernandez left the field hearty. No panic on the bench is not observed. None of the staff grabs his head (his; especially someone else’s). Calm and Sam Fernandez


Akinfeev catches the ball sent to the corner


The right to a corner won by the Russians


Dzagoev hung the ball, passing everyone left the field through its lateral line


After a long break in the Russian team began to play Artem Dzyuba. He was replaced by Fedor Smolov!


The Xaver Slager is Florian Kinza went into the composition of the Austrians


Arnautovic beats from outside the penalty area! Above the gate!


Aleksey Miranchuk is Alexander Golovin came out on the field


After an impressive series of substitutions, the Russian team has considerably added in movement. You look, and even!


A free-kick earned the Austrians. To gate far


Alaba smashes the crossbar!


Stefan Ilsanker instead of Peter Jules went into the composition of the Austrians


Dangerous moment was in the penalty area of the Russians. Anton Miranchuk purely picked the ball from the Austrian, thereby eliminating the threat at the gate of his team


Marko Arnautovic left the field. Instead, he went Deni Alar


But the match in the end!


Kudryashov crossed for the film: the recipient before the ball reached


Meanwhile, However, assist physicians. The soldier was injured in the game clash


The right to a corner won by the Russians!


The Austrian goalkeeper caught the ball after the filing Dzagoev


And Ignashevich in the game!


Three minutes added time second half!


The Austrians in control of the ball


And now the hosts will conduct a free-kick. Far from the gate, but it is easier for us (oops, our)?


Played the Austrians the ball and perepisovatsya

Match completed

Russia lost to Austria with the score 0:1

Well, that concludes our broadcast!

Thank you very much for your attention! Let’s hope the next match is against Turkey on 5 June in Moscow will begin a victorious series of Russian national team. And this series will last mmmm… matches 40 at least!

Until next time, friends! Success!

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