For Lionel Messi at the base in Bronnitsy put ice

For residents who “accept” the world Cup can be held a double celebration. In the region of “anchor” for nine teams. And among them will be the players of Argentina and Portugal! Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in one, so to speak, of the region. Certainly in the city of rush fans from all over the world to see the sports stars not only on the field but also in everyday life.

photo: Vladimir Chuprin

It looks like the facade of dormitory training base.

However, we know that the football stars bring personal comfort, and sport. Training bases they take, as a rule, already “run-in” training centers. So, the Portuguese will stay in Kratovo Ramensky district, where once shone the football team “Saturn”. Today the players of this club compete in the 2nd division. But the Holy place is never empty. At the time of the world Cup here will be located the legendary Portuguese.

According to the organizers, everything is ready to welcome high guests. In the rooms, which will house the athletes, the Windows tulle curtains, comfortable furniture, multi-function displays. All inclusive — there are even soap dishes and toothpicks. Say that Cristiano Ronaldo allocated a special room.

Of course, training camp (for all teams that will be based in the suburbs, it consists of bedroom, dining and sports buildings plus, of course, soccer field) at the level of world standards. In Sochi three football fields, there are places for volleyball and basketball, even a pond. It is possible to swim or to fish — large and small.

With this base the Portuguese have all the chances to win the world Cup.

Next door, at the same Khotkovo Ramensky district, will host the Argentines led by Lionel Messi. “MK” already met in the training base. However, on a huge banner that stretched for the entire facade of dormitory children’s and youth sports school of Olympic reserve them. Syroezhkina.

As locals tell, this is a huge panel meters fifty workers were collected several days of small squares. A strong Commission every time you checked, to the eye, for example, Di Maria on the error is not pasted on the face of Messi.

photo: Vladimir Chuprin
In the foyer of the building where there is breath.

Be wrong, of course, impossible. After all, these celebrities known all over the world.

Training base of the national team of Argentina located in the beautiful place of Bronnitsy, on the banks of the Moscow river. Today at the entrance to her (it was Monday) laid the paving and re-laying the asphalt in the residential housing suggests the latter gloss.

The truth is, I didn’t expect to see such a strong sports base in the SDYUSSHOR. Here not even three, and as many as 5 football fields!

In residential housing we changed absolutely everything, — told the “MK” workers. — From plumbing to Wallpaper on the walls — they are special, painted light gray paint. Currently making ice is a refrigeration plant that produces ice. They are not for dining, but for athletes undergoing massage. Per day each installation yields 120 kg of ice…

To the dormitory I recommend not to go: it is useless. Once the room is completely ready, it is immediately locked on the key and will open just before the noble guests of the world Cup.

Indeed, I went through all four floors (athletes will live at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors), it was already closed. Dining room and sports hall, where at desire it is possible to play volleyball or basketball.

But at the 2nd and 3rd floors, I saw four more open rooms for athletes. As a rule, each with two beds, but there are also rooms single. They, apparently, for the world stars, which in Argentina is quite a lot.

All gorgeous, while strictly Spartan. At the entrance to the left from the closet with a mirror under the ceiling, opposite a shower and toilet. Beds with spring mattresses narrow, not like in the resorts somewhere in Sharm El Sheikh. Two bedside tables, a Desk, a large TV screen.

That’s all. Bedding and computers will appear in the room the day before the arrival of the team.

When waiting for guests? And see whether residents of Bronnitsy of the legends of world football? Let’s face it: the city is filled with excitement.

photo: Vladimir Chuprin
In double rooms for the athletes, nothing more.

In a recent television interview, the mayor of Bronnitsy asked the countrymen not to deceive ourselves on this account, not illusions. And to give athletes train safely and to show a good result.

However, the local boys are determined to watch famous footballers, after all, for a lattice fence is clearly visible from the residential housing. In any case, he will go and come, all will be clear.

In the Moscow region will live and train for nine national teams, — told “MK” the regional Minister of physical culture and sports of the Roman Tereshkov. — Besides Russia, it’s Portugal, which will be located in the training center of Saturn in Kratovo, France — stadium “Glebovets” in Istra, Argentina — SDYUSSHOR them. Syroezhkina in Bronnitsy, Iran — training base “the locomotive” in Bakovka, Peru — the stadium “arena Khimki,” Mexico — training base “Novogorsk Dynamo”, Belgium — stadium “Guchkovo” in Dedovsk, Tunisia — Stroitel stadium in Selyatino. All training facilities are ready at the end of work on accomplishment of adjoining territories.

According to the Minister, training costs amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. 741,3 million from the Federal budget and 856 million from the regional. In addition, in preparation for the world Cup was held on the repair of roads, courtyards, additional street lighting. For these purposes from regional and municipal budgets allocated more than 4 billion rubles.

However, such a huge financial investment will pay off handsomely. All training facilities used for the world Cup, get a good heritage. For example, in “Guchkovo” will appear modern trampoline hall instead of the old. “Glebova” office football will have a new Playground with modern turf and changing rooms. Some objects (in particular, halls for press conferences) after the championship will be converted into class struggle.

A special security regime, according to event organizers, will not be excessive. Then, you guessed it, 24 hours a day surveillance, patrol (in Bronnitsy at the entrance to the base is already a car on DPS), a safe corridor and many other things.

Although each facility has its own medical service, in the Moscow region has allocated about 600 of the carriages “ambulance” and identified 11 hospitals in the vicinity of training camps.

However, for enormous concern about athletes not forgotten, and fans. They will be five towns: Sergiev Posad, Kolomna, Istra, Klin and Dmitrov. The region has already created over 100 thousand hotel rooms. It is not excluded that somewhere in the street “noisy ball, casually” you come face to face with some of the football legend. And do a selfie with him (say, the players, the people very sociable) or ask for an autograph.

photo: Vladimir Chuprin

All this celebration for our brother fan. “The fans are a special category with its own characteristics. They are active, Patriotic and organized. Perhaps most of them would not come to our country as tourists. That’s why our task is to provide them with an interesting program,” — said the Chairman of the Committee of the Moscow region Duma on culture and tourism Oleg Rozhnov.

On this the eve of the championship and break the heads of the suburban officials. What is known? All the fans in Moscow city will be transported on special trains, branded for the world Cup and is equipped with audio guides. Everyone can get acquainted with the city already on the road — on the proposed booklet.

During the world Cup, all state museums in Moscow will work for free and seven days a week.

Designed Hiking trails, ranging from suburban station to the place of the show, a landscaped pedestrian zone. They are equipped with resting places, signs. There will be organized bike tours. Routes adapted for people with disabilities and provided, in terms of security.

A special influx of tourists expected in the ancient Sergiev Posad, where the host side, absorbed in the distant past, found as many as 250 of historic places. And are ready 12 walking tour itineraries. Football fans will be able to see not only historical attractions, but also enjoy a new landscaped pedestrian routes.

■ ■ ■

“MK” has found a person (who) will certainly see notable Argentines. Bronnitskaya the seventh-grader of school No. 2 Ksenia Dmitrieva has been dancing in dance group “Confetti” local cultural and leisure center. Together with a group of “ovation” 24 girls will meet guests on arrival.

— First you will hear the anthem of our city, — says Kseniya, — then the song about Russia, and we will move with Russian and Argentine flags…

The start of the world Cup in Russia here-here will be given.

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