The FAS launched an investigation: why before the world Cup increased the prices of tickets

The Russian Association of the passengers complained to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) in connection with the rising prices of tickets during the world Cup. The Association has studied the dynamics of the prices for flights to Russian cities during the football world Cup. The departure date was adopted the day before the match, return date the following day after the game.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“MK” was able to learn more from the Deputy of the Russian Association of passengers Ilya ZOTOV.

— In preparation for the world Cup, we received a large number of requests from people, which signaled us about inflated ticket prices. We took that information, processed the average values for June–August. It is noticeable that in the other months the prices are about the same — plus or minus 20%. It was in June when compared to the average throughout the year prices are at six or seven times.

After the information was published, we learned that dramatically increased ticket prices in other cities will host matches of the world Cup.

— Maybe it’s just seasonal variations?

— No, changes are connected with the championship. In other months of the raise prices. The number of boards in the period under review has increased, the supply has increased, while demand remained at the previous values. This does not mean that prices must rise.

The government established a working group to control prices. Apparently, she’s not really responding timely to increase prices and is not taking appropriate action.

The key issue here — ordinary people, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, who are forced to travel to Russia, just will not be able in June to take advantage of the traffic, they will have to cancel previously scheduled events.

— What result of consideration of the complaint submitted to you optimal?

We appealed to the FAS, and we believe that the Agency should give a warning to the airlines. At these prices, no unique food or varnished seats, no extras. Were analyzed only the economy class without Luggage. With Luggage the price will be even higher. Considered the flights from Moscow. Trips to other cities and between them will cost even more.

How long have you filed a complaint?

Literally on Tuesday evening. Our message is recorded, according to the Federal law within 30 days will be considered. Waiting for an answer, but I think it will be before, given the public outcry caused by this situation.


Says lawyer Stalin GUREVICH:

Is a fairly common situation. FAS is not the first time makes a complaint to the airline, accusing them of cartel agreements, with the aim of raising prices. Similar stories were in 2014 and 2016, however, if carriers successfully fought back in arbitration and in respect of their continued administrative proceedings. If FAS will prove the existence of price collusion, the airlines will be subjected to quite a heavy fine. But this is a complex procedure, because it will be requested the rationale for the price increase. For the holidays, during high season, prices often rise. No need to go far, I just may 1-2 fly to Georgia. In Russia are holidays, and ticket for both there and back was worth 59 thousand. From the Georgian airline ticket cost 32 thousand. So the higher the demand the higher the price. But to prove collusion difficult.

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