The President of the handball Federation of Russia Sergey Shishkarev revealed the secrets of the season

Spring meeting of the head of the handball Federation of Russia Sergey Shishkarev and Russian journalists have already become a good tradition. This time we gathered on the eve of the most important matches of national teams of Russia. However, the conversation touched on not only the national teams.

photo: Catherine Senses

The selection for the European and world Championships

This time the Russian women’s team will play a qualifying match of the European championship, away against team Portugal. And the error is already there: the inexplicable defeat of Austria in two goals, losing to Romania on the road with the difference of one. Do not want to repeat male’s history when a draw against Montenegro has put paid to hopes to play in Europe. Misfires happen, everything would be fine, but not far off the next Olympics.

Coach Evgeny Trefilov was lucky experimental composition. He said: “We are very early finished the championship, the girls have already set to rest.” Although it turns out that in that year he was asked to speed up the timing of the Russian championship that the team had more time to prepare. But I didn’t experienced players Samokhina, ilina Petrova, Managarov and Kochetova. But the bones are here, we hope that more young players are better motivated. I hope for a good result. But on 3 June in Astrakhan “Star” we accept Austria. Petrov to the team there will join.

Men play with the Czechs play-off qualify for the world championship 2019, June 8 in Plzen and after four days in Perm. The Czechs hall is small, with only 2,500 people, but the Czech comrades promise full, your we also hope to fill. We in the Urals, the Palace more, and we expect to fill it. In any case, we need to get to either quite unhappy to be there and to qualify for the Olympics, or get in the zone world qualifying for Tokyo 2020. I can not remember the game on January 11 in Kazan. Notice in the city where there is a professional handball club in the game against the Finns was a sellout: more than 4000 fans in “basket-hall”. And because no one is pulled into the stands. Let’s hope that soon in the capital of Tatarstan will appear, the club’s highest achievements.

About the scandal with the Junior Russian national team

Three girls got on Melidoni in 2017, on Tuesday reduced the period of disqualification. We are so happy, but a medal, of course, a pity. She Skorobogatko, which at that moment was desperate, now sent a letter with something along the lines of: “This is the best day of my life, thank you!”. Our legal service worked perfectly. To the case of connected FSB and SK the Russian Federation. Dr. Krasnov suspended from the profession for a year and a half. Why is this an administrative matter? Because the distribution of Meldonium in our country does not fall under criminal liability. But it is clear that in “the case of the cups with medicines,” the red is not the protagonist. Our task — to find and punish the customer.

In this regard, no plastic cups, when the athlete fully trusts his doctor will not. He must see the packing or blister, which indicates that he will accept. Also — no sponsorship gifts in the form of briquettes with water. You need to be extremely careful.

About the Affairs of the home and not only

The Championships of Russia turned out to be boring. In the women’s super League “Rostov-don”, if we talk about regular season missed ahead of two clubs — “Lada” and “Astrakhanochka”. Then, of course, won the gold, but in the course of the season, the intrigue was there. Rostovite well done because for the first time managed to enter the Final four of the Champions League. Sorry again lost another almost our club “Vardar”, driven by a coach whose expertise is growing before our eyes, — Irina Poltoratskaya.

The men finally got a good intrigue. “Spartak” (Moscow), recently created, challenged by the “Chekhovian bears”. Yes, the red-and-white could win the championship or the Cup of Russia, but little is not enough. The prospects of the team, I say at once, steady. The only thing we have to work is on the acquisition of their own home. Because to walk in a circle from the Palace to the Palace, having tried for season four is different, it is not a very good lesson. We are working on this. Alternatively, USZ “Friendship” in Luzhniki or the same very Small arena, where “Spartak” accepted “Chekhovian bears” in the home match. Another thing, this will have to be resolved after the world Cup.

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