“In the Tretyakov gallery is difficult to estimate the recovery time of Repin’s painting “Ivan the terrible”

– The decision about how much is the restoration of the painting by Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”, which may 25, was attacked by a vandal in the Tretyakov gallery, will be made after the “sophisticated research”.

“Picture “chronically ill”. Little seal is only visible for the current loss and the gaps of the paint layer. It is important to understand that of the total concussions happened with the rest of the field of colorful pigment. Because he has the disease chronic – back away from the slightest fluctuations in temperature. But now, sophisticated research, and then decisions will be made”, – told “Interfax” in the Tretyakov gallery on Friday.

It noted that after research it will be possible to predict the time needed for restoration.

Culture28 may 2018После the restoration of a picture of Repin “Ivan the terrible” will be placed in armored casciati read more

The opinion of the insurers

Head of the Department of insurance of the exhibition and valuable goods of the company “Ingosstrakh” Mudrinich Mirko told “Interfax” that, in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Ministry of culture of Russia Museum objects allocated for temporary exhibitions, it is mandatory to be insured in the Russian insurance company.

“In respect of works in the permanent exhibition of the museums or stores, there is no such requirement. In turn, there are a number of examples where a separate Museum institutions take the initiative and insure their permanent collection, independently seeking funds for insurance, attracting sponsors or patrons,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, in the West there are tools that “allow us to insure not the entire Museum collection, and the so-called insurance “first loss”.

In Russia, the expert noted, this is still a matter of discussion, involving in the development of the regulations, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the main Museum institutions, of the Union of Museums of Russia and the insurance community.

“At insurance of Museum objects, often used the formula “from nail to nail”, where the period of responsibility of the insurance company starts with the dismantling of the works from the wall and ends at the moment of her return on “your nail,” continued Mudrinich.

He gave the example of when the lack of moisture in the receiving hall, there is a chance that the old pattern will begin to flake off the paint layer, it dries out, and then, when the carriage will crumble the paint.

“Even the most minor damage to the exhibit are classified as the insured event,” – said Mudrinich.

The evening of may 25 in the Tretyakov gallery, was detained a man who a metal bar fence broke the glass of the painting of Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan” (also known as “Ivan the terrible kills his son”) and damaged the canvas.

The painting was severely damaged, it is removed from the permanent exhibition and transferred to the restoration workshop of the Museum. “

Attacked picture appeared 37-summer Igor Podporin – a native of Dagestan, who came to Moscow from Voronezh region. Concerning it criminal case under article “Destruction or damage of cultural heritage, committed in respect of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation”. He faces up to 6 years of imprisonment.

May 29, the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest Podporina.

The picture has already been attacked in 1913 – the canvas has suffered from three strokes of the knife, which struck a 29-year-old painter, believer, son of a major furniture manufacturer Abram Balashov, after which the person depicted, the artist had to actually recreate again. The restoration was itself Repin, and Trustee of the Tretyakov gallery, the artist Igor Grabar.

Since the acquisition of the painting “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan…” are constantly presented in the exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery and is never given out to the exhibition.

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