In volleyball the battle of Belgrade Russia defeated Turkey

On the last day of spring, may 31, ended matches of the third week of the female segment of the League of Nations in volleyball (national team of Russia played in Serbia, and according to the specified data is not in Belgrade, and in the small town of Kraljevo, which is near the capital of the country).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The main negative point for the team of Vadim Pankova — failed to take at least one set from the host, the current champion of Europe. However, Serbian predictable put on the home stage of almost all the best. And we — and also predictable — continue to experiment: for example, after the Korean stage has been resting the main blocker Irina Fetisova.

The main positive moment for us — managed to beat the bronze medalist of the same Euro 2017 the Turkish national team. Albeit in 5 sets. But even the victory in the tie-break brought us 2 points and direct competitors in the fight for vouchers in the decisive phase it was forced to settle for just one…

Standings after 3 weeks: USA – 8 wins – 1 loss (25 points), Brazil 8-1 (24), Serbia – 8-1 (23), Holland – 7-2 (20) Turkey – 6-3 (18), Russia – 6-3 (17), China – 5-4 (16), Italy – 4-5 (14), South Korea – 4-5 (11), Japan – 4-5 (11), Germany – 3-6 (8), Dominican Republic – 2-7 (8), Poland – 3-6 (8), Thailand – 2-7 (6), Belgium, 2-6 (6), Argentina – 0-9 (0).

Note: Five teams in the preliminary stage plus guaranteed China as the organizer of the decisive stages come in the “Final Six”.

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