Media: Abramovich was offended by Britain and sells Chelsea for £1.17 bn

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is going to sell a football club from the capital of the United Kingdom of London “Chelsea” for of 1.17 billion pounds in the event of his departure from the club due to failure to renew UK visa, reports The Times.

photo: AP

Abramovich bought Chelsea in June 2003 for £ 140 million, which 15 years ago was the largest deal in the history of English football club, and has spent over 100 million dollars to purchase expensive influential players in the summer transfer window of 2013.

According to the newspaper, the Russian billionaire is the sole owner of the London club through the company Fordstam Ltd. and since the acquisition of Chelsea was put in command of the order of 1.17 billion pounds, so the transaction should take place by simple Russian principle “for bought — in and sell”.

According to official data, only in season 2016/17 Abramovich invested in the club 34 million pounds. Forbes magazine estimates the value of the club to 1.44 billion pounds, but according to the estimates of the auditing company KPMG, the amount of 1.26 billion pounds.

Earlier, the Russian billionaire has decided to freeze the reconstruction of their home stadium Stamford bridge.

As noted, the cessation of the construction of sports facilities is associated with a poor investment climate.

Due to problems with visa extension UK Abramovich were not able to attend a very important match of his club in the FA Cup final. As a result, the billionaire has decided to withdraw the application for a visa. Instead, he received Israeli citizenship.

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