The continued scandal with the national team of Portugal: residents of the suburbs indicated the place

At the beginning of this week, “MK” has published my article entitled:”the Russian fans will not see the Ronaldo: the base of the national team of Portugal will be closed for visits”. The reaction of the Ministry of physical culture and sports of Moscow region has not kept itself waiting. To honor her, the head of Department Roman Trushkov quickly went to the village of Kratovo, where they will live the Portuguese. Moreover, it was invited to keep him company representatives of local authorities and national media.

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Came in handy, since this day was first closed for eight adjacent to the base of the streets. Therefore, all the resulting inconvenience to the local residents immediately could tell the high Commission.

— You know, and some people even are happy that the summer here is quiet and calm, said Tereshkov.

In response to my ironic remark that is then to block more streets and on all summer, the Minister has already said quite seriously:

— I am sure that any inconvenience neither local residents or summer residents, nor their guests, the security mode does not deliver. Furthermore, it will be organised round the clock customer support contact where you can immediately obtain the necessary pass.

On these streets there are only 40 households. And all, no doubt, will manage to inform in a timely manner, — says the head of the city settlement Kratovo Alexey Emelyanov. — Issuance of permits — the building of our administration.

— Andrey Nikolaevich, and pedestrians will actually be able to move along the base without interference? For example, going to the lake the kids?

In response, the head of the Ramensky district Andrei Kulakov nodded.

The next part of our conversation concerned the open training session of the Portuguese national team which will be held June 10 and is welcome to the suburban football fans from small to large.

So for the first time it became clear that the masters invitations are of the actual teams that these classes are conducted. Therefore, the initial quota of invitations in quantities of only 500 pieces will get in this case the football Federation of Portugal. And, apparently, their lion’s share will go to the visiting fans.

Rest assured the officials will be divided between the Bykovsky orphanage and children’s sports schools Ramenskoye district. Similar situation with quotas on open workout in Moscow will be everywhere.

The only exception was the national team of Iran, which will open its doors to 7 thousand people at the “Arena Khimki”. They say that the Portuguese had offered to conduct the only open class of 15‑thousand stadium “Saturn”, but they supposedly refused.

Anyway, the answers to many questions yesterday was finally obtained. Better than being in the dark and produce rumors…

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