The hidden meaning of resignation Zidane: the Frenchman who traded real Madrid

Bild: “the hammer Blow. Zidane goes”. L’équipe: “Zidane is gone. Thunder in Madrid”. La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Zidane, unexpected farewell to real Madrid. The Daily Telegraph: “Zidane out of real Madrid immediately after the success in the Champions League.” The headlines of world Newspapers, Spanish Newspapers. The whole world is discussing, crying, perplexed.

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Zidane left right after he won the third consecutive Champions League trophy. And we are still recovering.

The name Zidane is one of the most popular hashtags in the sports segment of Twitter. The fans of real Madrid from all over the world put crying smilies, thanks “to the great Zizou” for all. I thank him and the players.

“As a player and coach, You decided to leave while on top. Thank you for two and a half incredible years. Your legacy will never be forgotten. This is one of the most successful chapters in the history of our beloved “real” — wrote in Instagram captain “creamy” Sergio Ramos.

“Mr. Zidane! I have learned from You a lot. As a child, enjoy every practice, game, conversation and advice. Thank you very much for everything! For me You are a special person. You deservedly went down in history: work, dedication, love, passion, and most importantly, modesty! Thank you!” — posted by defender and Vice-captain of real Madrid, Marcelo.

“I’m proud to be your player. Mr, thanks for everything” — briefly, but earnestly appealed to coach Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Mister, I have no words but gratitude. Thank you for your support in happy and difficult moments. Thank you for that created team family, for your advice, for your smile. God bless You and your family!” — thanked the club of Madrid goalkeeper keylor Navas.

“Thank You! Two and a half years when You were our coach, You were highly professional. I learned a lot thanks to your advice. I wish You all the best and thank you again for your dedicated work with the team,” wrote the defender of real Madrid Dani Carvajal, who was injured during a recent ligachampion finals.

“Thank You, Mister! It was a pleasure,” said about Zidane team midfielder Toni Kroos.

“It is a great honour to play under a coach like You! Thanks, Zizou!” — wrote Karim Benzema.

Cares for “real” famous Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal wrote a whole letter about the coach of their favorite team.

“It was a surprise. It is difficult to accept his departure for several reasons. First, he’s a good coach and achieved a lot with the club. Second, he’s a good man, embodying the true values and leading by example in sports and in life.

Zidane was always calm, believed in the players and the team. He has earned the right to choose what feels best. I can only thank him. I hope Zidane will ever return to “the real,” wrote Nadal.

Search of the main

Bade farewell to coach and club as a whole. However, on the official website of the club records were very restrained. One is concise: “Thank you, Zidane”. And the other is a listing of trophies real Madrid won in the coaching of the legendary specialist.

Quite restrained, and himself the protagonist of the drama. “Three unforgettable season with the biggest club in the world — real Madrid. It was an honor! Long live Madrid!” heartfelt and briefly thanked his former club, Zinedine Zidane.

Responded to the retirement of Zidane and Spanish Newspapers. After the first shock from the news media set to “nomination” the possible successor of Zidane in the wheelhouse in the “Real world”. The largest and most famous sports newspaper Marca of Spain introduces football fans to answer head coach Joachim Loew of Germany. “I absolutely exclude it. Don’t think about it. I’m going to participate in the world Cup. Of course, a good successor to Zidane you will find” — quoted by Marca, the German coach, who is in Italy for training camp with the team before the world Cup.

Marca says about another candidate for a high position in the “Real world” — Mauricio Pochettino. But, he seems well on his work, in English “Tottenham”. That is evidenced by his response to the question about a possible transfer to real Madrid. “I live for today, I like it. Very happy with my current team, focused on the present. What will happen in the future? Wait and see,” said Pocettino.

Alexander MOSTOVOY: “Zidane did the right thing”

An opinion shared by the well-known football player, eks-the player Moscow “Spartak” and Spanish “salty” permanent expert “MK” Alexander Mostovoy: “Zidane said that real Madrid need a change in the best sense of the word. The team’s third consecutive win the Champions League. Of course, they are already well fed up with these wins, but they never can not eat. I think, first of all, Zidane fatigue: psychological, mental, human… Therefore it is, in principle, correctly made. Strangely, that didn’t all know about this suddenly.

After all, the football, the pace of life — very crazy load. Now he will rest. You know, this reminds me of when Guardiola has won everything with Barcelona, and then said, “I’m leaving” and left for a year and a half, lived in America, took a rest.

Top-trainers — poor people. They can do whatever they want. So Zidane will rest, think and start again to work where they want. Now he just wants to live happily, to be with the family.

Of course, this news was unexpected, with one hand. But on the other hand this is logical, nothing supernatural. If real Madrid won, and the next day the head coach was fired the President of the club, would be weird. I think Zidane did the right thing. He has to prove?! He did something that no one will be able, at least in the next few years.

It would be surprising if he left now to train Rayo Vallecano — a team that is above the tenth place did not rise. Then everything really would be in shock, and Zidane himself too! And so he got to work his nothing, it is not necessary to think about how to feed children. His decision is absolutely suspended.”

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