“Throw the corpse in the grass”: aviapassazhirskie looking for those responsible for the death of a cat

“Tonight when airfreight on the route Saint Petersburg-Novosibirsk killed my favorite cat.

The animal has safely reached Novosibirsk, and then the purring became a victim of the negligence of employees of the cargo terminal of Tolmachevo airport. The container with the cat in discharging the Board has been damaged. The animal was killed. Employees of the terminal showed me an empty cell…”

This story nearly a year. The same time the mistress of the deceased cat, an Opera singer Alain Golosenko trying to reach out to the perpetrators.

Visit Alena, Golosenko in the social network photo cat. Seems the woman still could not get over the loss of a pet.

– It happened in June last year. That day I sent his minor son from St. Petersburg to Novosibirsk to the father to visit. I had business in town, so our animals — cats and dogs — I’ve sent with the child. In the cabin animals to carry was not allowed, had to register them as separate cargo and baggage, and the beginning of the story, Golosenko.

Alena has signed a contract with the Petersburg transport company “Pulkovo Grand-Air.”

– All the moments I agreed, paid. My animals have already undergone withexpertise, the procedure of chipping — I’ve done everything as required by the transport company – continues Alena. – On the appointed day brought my Pets to the airport. They looked again a veterinarian who works at the cargo terminal, checked the documents. I gave two cells. Entered into a contract of carriage. More I a cat alive is not seen.

Cells somehow sealed before loading on the plane?

– They put special icons, confirming that inside is a living creature. The cells themselves are sealed around the perimeter with tape, check that all the locks were closed, no problems were not. The fact that I took the cargo shows that containers were fully functional.

– The cat what breed was it?

– British blue. Female, modest size, not desyatiballnoy carcass, which could break the cage. She is very elegant in itself. Its weight is max 5 kg. to Assume that she was able to rage and bend the rods unreal.

– What was next?

In Novosibirsk, son met my ex-husband. They got off the plane, went to the cargo terminal to get the animals. And then the call came from the wife: “I got the dog and the cage. Without a cat”. I don’t believe it. “I was given an empty cell,” said the former. And added that the cage was broken vent plastic grille. He was given to understand that somehow, inexplicably, broke off the twigs, and, apparently, the cat jumped out. Reassured probably runs somewhere.

– You believe?

I didn’t know what to think. Began to call the Manager of the cargo terminal. I tried to convince him that the cage was originally broken, probably due to a malfunction. But I knew that the broken cage would not have accepted at the cargo terminal. I promised to find the cat. Convinced, all of a sudden she got scared and ran out. The next day, in the morning I again dialed the dispatcher. And I was told that they found my cat dead. The Manager went on to tell that when the cells of animals loaded on a truck for the Luggage, apparently, on top of the container with the cat threw something heavy. In the end, broke down the ventilation openings of the container, and the cat jumped into the road right under the wheels of the car-cateringa. The driver noticed that made arrival on an animal. Came out, threw the corpse into the grass and drove on. Later, when the hype about my cat, he told about the incident. The corpse was found, put it in a container and the next day returned to my ex-wife.

– Suitcases and carry animals in one truck?

– Most likely, one. Although one of the requirements of the transportation of cats and dogs — gentle transportation. I just keep the broken container to have it analyzed and prove, what the character must be hit or shot to break the strong ventilation holes, through which the cat ran out. The very least she did not chew through the cage. She was quiet. If something scared him, he was huddled in the corner and sat quietly.

This story, Golosenko described in the social network. After the publicity on it was released to the employees of the airport Tolmachevo.

They expressed sympathy and promised to conduct an internal investigation – continues Alena. – I believed them. But I never received the call. I was reminded of myself, but I was fed with promises, well, wait. And in the end, I was notified that all the porters interviewed, no comments were identified, all carried out their duties according to instructions. And what I said earlier the Manager, they did not care. I was told that the movers didn’t put anything on the cage no heavy things are not set, and videos they have. Then I wrote a complaint to the transport company with which the contract was made. They said that the responsibility for the safety of the cargo carry. Then I made a claim against the airline, on whose Board emergency occurred. At least, I should offset the costs that I incurred with transportation of the animal. Well, moral damages should compensate me. The cat was a member of my family. She lived with me for 10 years. And died in such ridiculous circumstances. Her body I gave to the examination, to make the death certificate to establish the cause of death, so I don’t said that they died of fright. In conclusion it was said that the animal died as a result of numerous bodily injuries, presumably, was hitting vehicles. Her head hung.

– Employees of the airport or the airlines themselves didn’t offer you compensation for moral damage?

Nobody suggested, nor the transport company to which I signed a contract, and neither the airline carrier. Nobody with me not even contacted, has not apologized. Perhaps all decided to hush up the story. Just think, the cat died.

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