Two weeks before the start: what top asked fans

Less than two weeks! Just a little bit- and the world Cup broad, sweeping gait strode across the expanses of Russia. He was waiting for everything: the fans, the players and coaches. Waiting for him even in space.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The fans gave the installation

Not only athletes can get a PEP talk before the game from their “commanders”. Especially for the world championship the head coaches (or their assistants) recorded on the video installation for the fans. The main coaches Titus (Brazil), Gareth Southgate (England), Didier Deschamps (France), Hamiru Hallgrimsson (Iceland), Carlos Caruso (team Iran), Gernot rohru (Nigeria national team), Fernando Santos (Portugal), Vladimir Petkovic (Switzerland) and Stanislav Cherchesova (team Russia, of course!) — joined the chief of the Argentine Jorge Burruchaga team and assistant coach of Peru, Nolberto Solano.

“We’re here guys!” started Didier Deschamps. “Only you know that you had to make to achieve a goal,” continued the coach Icelanders. To get tickets — meant Hallgrimsson. Although my players in the locker room before entering the field of stadium “Spartak” in the match with Argentina, he might say the same thing.

Queiroz recalled that ticket holders are special people: “many would like to be in your place. But you have worked for and deserve.” “You put a lot of effort and was among those who got the coveted tickets. And now you’re going to watch the matches of the world Cup in Russia”, — said Cherchesov. “But before the ball starts to roll, let’s make sure we are ready,” brought back down to earth Titus.

Further, the trainers in turn reminded that it is necessary to issue a spectator pass, which will give a lot of different bonuses in the form of free travel between cities and within cities. Reported that come to the stadium in advance, so that the passage was comfortable and not cause problems. Suggested use of public transport instead of personal cars to be like the players — they too arrive on the bus. Asked to read carefully the list of prohibited things, and also respect the fans rival each other to be polite, not to offend anyone.

“And please support us as loudly as possible! — asked the coaches of the national teams. — Be the best fans in the world!”

The players remembered the childhood

FIFA has asked the players to remember the first world Cup they watched in childhood, still being the students of the sports school and at the time of ordinary football fans.

For Croatia midfielder Luka Modric memorable was the first world championship in France: “I was 13, and we’d watch matches with family and friends at home in Zadar. With each victory, we rejoiced more and more. That’s when Croatia declared itself to the whole world. I remember I wanted one day to play at this level. It was just something.”

Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara, son of Brazilian world champion, Mazinho, admitted that he doesn’t remember all the matches that played on Brazil’s national team winning the world Cup in 1994, because then he was only three years old. But as he celebrated with his family after the final, I remember very well.

The player of national team of Iran Alireza Jahanbakhsh told how while watching the world Cup 2006, his father describes his main dream: “I Want to see you at the world Cup in a t-shirt of our national team”.

And Gabriel Jesus, Brazil striker before the last world Cup painted walls of houses in his native favela: “It can be said that the duty of every resident of the favela, as the world championship for us ― a big holiday”.

The captain of Russian national team Igor Akinfeev: “I Remember watching the world Cup 1994 held in USA. It was amazing. When I first understood the essence of football ― the meaning of all these combinations on the field. The most vivid memory is the match of Russia against Cameroon in which Oleg Salenko scored five goals, and our team won 6:1”.

Neymar, Brazil striker, as it turned out, has a phenomenal memory. During the 1994 world Cup he was only two years, but it’s great to remember Romario’s goal in gate of Holland, which I saw on TV.

The ball flew to the ISS

Football wait not only on earth but also in space. On the official website of the Russian space Agency on Instagram there was a video where cosmonauts Anton shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev conducted a training session on the International space station. Due to weightlessness the astronauts so beautifully kicked the ball that Gareth bale with his kick and Robin van Persie with his legendary dive just relax. Especially for this “workout” is the official ball of the world Cup was taken by Oleg Artemyev aboard in March, and on 3 June he will return to Earth with the crew of manned spacecraft “Soyuz-MS-07”.

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