Actress-Gemini Eremeeva about the secrets of the acclaimed “Reverse”

How much time has passed after the premiere, and unusual night performance of “Reversal” in the musical Theatre Shvydkoi continues to excite and fascinate. There’s every hero, every artist, ordinary person, I’m not talking about Directors — Andrew Koltsova, Irina Draginol and Debra brown. But today we look at the most memorable persons “Reverse” — sisters-twins Nastya and Dasha Eremeeva: they are on long poles going from the stage straight to the ground, hovering over couples in love like angels… but more recently they just coached the kids in sports school.

— Nastya, Dasha, here we have a double interview how did you get into acrobatics? By the way, the reader is not aware that the “Reverse”, in fact, no artists, pros, or people from the circus — basically, all the athletes who came through the auditions.

— You know it when pulled. What could a child of seven years? Us, just kids, was invited one day to class: we mom said “Want”. Got to the room the first time, and there are people building some pyramids, fly — understood: our, ours. And studied at the school for 12 years and would have continued further, but our third partner grew up. And acrobatics is very difficult to find someone who will fit in the existing squad in all respects. So sport for us and interrupted.

— Can it be so tragic?

— After the acrobatics, we just didn’t know what to do with myself. Think about it: doing every day, six days a week for three hours and then suddenly everything stops. And we thought, “Well, what now to do?”. And then purely by chance Nastin partner acrobatics called us to audition one of the television show. At first we didn’t want any show, after a lifetime engaged in the sports. What is the TV? But deciding that nothing to lose, went. As the coach saw us and said, “Take!”, although we really didn’t even show…

— Was it worth part the effort?

— Of course, it’s a crazy experience in very different areas… here it is us, by the way, and handy in the Theater Shvydkoi. But first (after the show) is a year we coached the children. Terribly sad, because working on television gave the feeling that life is seething. And we flowed so calm coaching. Not enough peppercorns, roughly speaking. And could not to this peaceful existence to get used to. And then we were suddenly called to audition for musical Theatre — no, not “Reverse,” and “the circus Princess”. Initially reluctant to audition to go. But still decided. In the end, we just worked in the theater for about a year, two or three times a week. Without a scene. And then from the play left the two girls, and then Andrew Koltsov (assistant Director in “the Princess” and the performer of the trick Mr. X) asked to try on their role. And we approved. We had only 20 days to learn all the tricks that are performed in the air (as we thoroughly did not face).

— Easier you — the twins — sync items?

— The movements that are performed on the floor, we do it without problems, as we feel each other. Or maybe just due to the fact that we have limbs of equal length (laughs). In the air, of course, difficult, but still easier than others, because we even think alike, I guess.

— Well, now let’s move to the “Reverse”, which is now crowding all the students.

— There was a small meeting where we learned that Andrey Koltsov wants to do something new, modern, unusual. We at the time thought, why not take the professional artists and teach them tricks? But the point was precisely to teach us how to convey the message behind the play. The first time we practiced, not knowing what awaits us. But before the premiere, time all less and less, and there is no number. And then Andrew brought us a small pole and said, “get to know”. We were like, “How?”. Never before in the life of the poles did not touch. First, we girls from the troupe helped, then and video from the Internet trying to repeat. Started to learn tricks. Don’t understand how you can bind three items in a row… but something was to put as much as 6 minutes the room!

— That is the primary work was built so that you have up with their numbers?

— In principle, Yes. Preparation is the hardest part. Four months did stunts, and dormitory rooms does not arise. Only a set of tricks. And we cried, because I just do not have enough time for rehearsals, to drive our performance. The rooms themselves were born somewhere… for a day or two before the premiere.

— How was getting used to the way?

— Of course, we had acting training. Although, honestly, they weren’t much help. We are not having drama training, did not know what to do. The essence of the idea of the spectacle we were talking Andrew, thanks to him, we realized that we actually required. Then came the acting coach who really helped, as clearly explained everything. You can say the acting component is the most difficult. Not so difficult to perform tricks, how to convey to the optic the correct emotional message.

— In the preparation of the power of the performances can not do without the force majeure…

— Oh, Yes, there was one unpleasant incident. Probably the worst in my life (says Dasha, — Ed.). About two weeks before the show we lit the scene “fighting for the ladder.” And there is a moment when girls throw out from the crowd. And so, when once again she was thrown, the boy who was supposed to catch her, just not out of place. She fell back like a sack. I became hysterical, very scared for her.

And during the performance was another case. I broke the lip (says Nastya, — Ed.). Again, the point of “fighting for stairs”, and he’s more improvisational: we fight as necessary. I do everything as usual and then suddenly my teeth’s flying elbow. Thought I even consciousness for a few seconds lost. Stand up, shake his head, as he saw Dasha and asked her if I have something on my lip. It turned out that my face was in the blood. The pain is not felt, it was mainly due to the fact that to speak right now, and I have blood.

— Do not drain you do such complex performances?

— The audience also give us your energy charged. After the show go home and have some sense of satisfaction. The most pleasant when you see these audience’s eyes, some tears… All this sincerity adds strength, fatigue already felt.

We’ve changed a lot over the year. Become much unfettered. Even a year ago and could not imagine that you can so to be on the stage! We have childhood stage fright, even in the school productions was not involved. Life is very modest, so this, in principle, was not for us. But a miracle happened. After all, theatre is a dream job, it’s never boring. And he changed all our lives.

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