Anecdotal situation: the semi-final of the 2018 world Cup France – Belgium amused neighbors

The middle of the night, the wife wakes up her husband:

– JEF, hurry Wake up!!! You forgot to drink sleeping pills!

(A popular French joke about the Belgians).

Before the 1/2 final match of the 2018 world Cup France — Belgium editor of sports Department at “MK” looked at this confrontation with an unexpected point of view.


Competitions among national teams and not clubs the fact that in any confrontation you can’t find a single seam. As for hockey fights, for example, Finns and Swedes.

And as in Tuesday’s game Belgium – France at the football world Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg.

De bruyne and Fellaini against Kant and Pogba, Varane vs Lukaku, Alderweireld and Kompany against Griezmann and Giroud, and indeed – the world Cup and football itself… All of it, pardon the expression, bullshit on vegetable oil, when the sight of such a sign as “Belgium vs France”.

You ever heard how the French tell jokes about Belgians?

Oh, it’s something! Yes, here – at the top – by the way, one of the most harmless…

Or here’s another – a typical: “do you Know how to identify Belgian wedding of the groom – he is dressed in the most beautiful tracksuit!”

Sometimes these same jokes great resemble our about the Estonian or the Chukchi – it is unclear even someone who steals… And tell them not only in France but in the Netherlands: some neighbors of the Belgians love to laugh at speaking with him, French, the language of the Walloons, others close to them over the Flemings.

At the same time, Belgium relationships between speakers of different languages tense: Yes, there are times now tolerant, no one on the streets does not beat or just not talk about it, but to paint from a container, the sign of the Dutch and to write from the top French name – a Holy cause for many of the Walloons (and Vice versa).

But what to say, there is no Federal TV, not a single national newspaper (each language community – their media), even universities bilingual in this country is nonsense. I do not know now, but 3 years ago, when the wind of wanderings recorded in Belgium, every University taught science or in Dutch, or in French, the only exception was the Higher military school.

Respectively – recently in the national team representatives of the two language groups had virtually no contact in everyday life, even had lunch at different tables.

Everything has changed, as they say, with the advent to the headquarters of the national team of a once famous French striker Thierry Henry, who proposed to use to communicate… in English. Logical: a) in Belgium, as generally in the European Union, is the language taught in schools and widely know – plus a lot of players playing in England; b) many players of the Belgian team – descendants of immigrants from African countries, they have no Walloon or Flemish self-awareness; C) so no one hurt.

I don’t know if that’s affected, just whether the increased level of skill (football Academy work well), and most likely – both that, and another, and the case, as in the match against Brazil, played a role, but for the first time in 32 years, Belgium reached the 1/2 final of the world Cup.

And on Tuesday, the Belgians will play with the French. Which cannot, of course, and the worst nightmare to imagine what will lose “these oddballs from anecdotes”.

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