Died artist and writer of comics Hihus

Russian animator, comic book author Paul Dry died at the age of 50 years. Of death was reported by his friend, businessman Sergey Kuznetsov — according to him, the artist had cancer.

photo: facebook.com

“As far as I know, dead easy. Eternal memory,” wrote Kuznetsov in Facebook.

Paul Dry was known under the pseudonym Hihus. He was at the forefront of the comics festival “kommissia”, founded the artistic group “People of dead fish”. In 2009 he published the book “Cosmogonia” with my own illustrations. Hihus were made by the author of the script for the cartoon “the Man in pince-nez”. Known for his animated film “How I lost 21 grams”.

One of the last works of Hihus — cartoon-dystopia “planet of Khumri”. Judging by the notes on his page, the artist worked on the cartoon, in recent years, while in Cambodia. Then he came to Israel, but local doctors could not help him.

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