Ex-coach of Russia dismantled the match with Croatia

Russian fairy tale in the world Cup ended. The Croats go on and will meet in the semi-final against England. But we are not defeated. Now Russia has a team ready to fight for victory until the end and, if necessary, to perform a miracle. It positively assessed the performance of wards Stanislaus cherchesova and our source. Specially for “MK” opinion about the performance of the Russian team at the world football forum, shared head coach of the national team of Russia on football from 1996 to 1998, Boris Ignatiev.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

— Made a big deal. The game says that we have a source of pride and discussion for the near future. With the end of the championship our team will begin a new stage, — emphasizes Boris. It is very important to rethink much of what happened. We have a team with your own handwriting, well-rounded person.

— What will be remembered in the national team of Russia of 2018 world Cup?

— The team was struck by his character and desire to achieve results. The players imbued with the idea that brought head coach and his staff. This idea became clear to them close, and they stopped. We saw the transformation in the cement of some amorphous formation, which was to begin play in friendly matches. This cement — strong, professional team with a solid understanding of what the result is and how to solve tasks. All of this speaks to the internal dignity and mobilization. The players spent a lot of effort, but it was obvious that they want to achieve the result and understood the main thing: the order has class. This commandment was subject to all.

— Of course, we’re talking about the whole team, but can you single out anyone personally?

— Of course, this is a great Akinfeev, Dzagoev, Golovin, Cheryshev. I really liked how no frills all matches did Zobnin.

— What are still not enough in the game with Croatia?

— We have achieved a draw. We haven’t defeated the team of Croatia, within which there are players from big European clubs. We did everything we could to equalise. But spot kicks is fart, it is the case. In the match with Spain he was on our side, and Croats — is slightly turned away, no more.

— What is the lesson to be learned from this result? Because the team clearly was determined to go through to the semifinals…

— To survive the first emotions from the incident, I would like to get the fans behaved verharren, respectful and friendly.

During this time they grow together with the team. Now it is important that they are not turned away. Our players have not given reason to treat them differently. Upset they will survive because this is their profession, work: positive emotions are often interspersed with negative ones. All the time in football you can’t win. But they are not in a vacuum.

We have to think how the team will look like in preparation for the European championship. We should be preparing now. This must be the coach and the team that we have. You need to create another resource is to sit down and determine development trends of Russian and world football showed that the world Cup than he remembered, what we have enough or not enough, what you need to bring to the big football and in youth.

Thank you I must say Sergei Ignashevich, who responded to the call to participate in the championship. He is a great master, but was invited to the national team is not a good life. We have no human resources, and they should seek not only in the higher echelon of soccer, but in youth link. Now it is not a large influx of young players that can create competition in the selection of the main team of the country.

— What is the reason?

— In the system DYUSSH there is a very big problem. Need to review the situation in the most extensive, fundamental football division — PFL. There should be formed the best that can later be seen in the teams first division and Premier League.

— Will the world Cup influx of students in football clubs and schools?

— It is very encouraging that at the world Cup, the kids arrived at the stadium, watched football and with adults, though sometimes not consciously, participated in large-scale sporting action, sought to be involved in it. Our team has shown that football is a very interesting sport. Kids to see everyone’s interest and love for him. Now it is very important that those who organise sports system, supported by a burning light. The flames need to inflate — then we’ll get a huge benefit, the children will throw the addiction to the Internet and to be engaged in sports, gymnastics, football. In his appeal convinced them and their parents. But for this we need to give them the opportunity to use the stadiums, sports facilities built for the championship of the world; to give children free; connect to the process of professional coaches, and the community. It is necessary to gather the best specialists. Then the impulse that gave the world Cup will allow us to see soon a large army of new young players.

It is important that fans actively went to the matches of the championship of Russia, responded to a successful game and support your favorite players when things go wrong. I think this League needs to Wake a new wave of relationships of fans and players.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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