In Suzdal ended music festival Alma mater

Summer music festivals in the open air have become a good tradition, especially when they involve talented kids. That’s just what a Grand concert in Suzdal ended the festival Denis Matsuev’s Alma mater, before the audience acted as pupils of the school “New names” and well-known musicians. My impressions of the forum shared with the “MK” famous accordionist Aidar Gainullin.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the festival

— Aidar, a few words about Suzdal forum: why is it special?

— Performed at the festival as a veteran of New names and young talents and budding stars. And it is always a special charm. In General, in Suzdal offers a unique atmosphere. And the time spent here, it’s special: master classes, concerts, live chat, games.


— You will not believe it: this time we all together played football! Well, how not to play when the championship is? These events really bring together different generations, borders are erased, we are all in the same boat. This is a great motivation for kids who perceive us as already recognized masters. The concerts were held outdoors, some places picturesque. Then the Kremlin, and the sunset and fresh air! Tale. It was great to see the surprise and delight on children’s faces.

— I understand that you live a few houses what it’s like to work in Europe and Russia, what the geography is there a bias?

Music is an international language. She doesn’t need words, it refines itself. The mission of the musicians is to charge people to be musical prophets regardless of people what nationality you are listening to.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the festival

— How the accordion popular in the world as a solo instrument? The degree of demand over time as things change?

— There is such a thing. Despite the fact that the accordion is more than hundred years (1890 years), classical music on the accordion is still perceived by the public as a kind of exotic. It turns out that for the whole band you could play Bach or Vivaldi, and people marvel at this sound. Well, don’t expect this tool such sounds due to the influence of such cliches that the accordion is a folk instrument. But this is only a cliché. Today we are showing the immense possibilities of the Bayan, the level of the game grows and grows. For example, I attract audience recordings, where they play Michael Jackson, sting, Nirvana… Trying in the movie to use the accordion. Promote on all fronts!

— Heard that your wife and daughter also play the accordion. You already speak with them as a family trio?

— Until recently, my wife often appeared on stage together, and my daughter on the other concerts join us. But now she switched to piano: the accordion was too heavy for her. But the meaning is the same — the music moves us.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the festival

— Go years, the number of local festivals increases. Can we say that Russia lives a full musical life or are there dark spots?

— A difficult situation. All music events should be more. And this is evident by the demand among a wide audience. My friend Denis Matsuev, who heads the festival in Suzdal has become a cultural Juggernaut bearing high music to the masses. And people love to remember for a lifetime, because the musicians they work hard to complete…

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