The Russian team at the world Cup in found dope: inhaled ammonia under the bleachers

German media have accused the team of Russia in the use of doping at the world Cup. Two publications stated that before each game, the Russian players breathed a tonic substance, which subsequently helped them to show such brilliant results.

photo: social networks

Compatriots ahead of taking off from a tournament the current world Champions of the Bild and the Süddeutsche Zeitung said that the Russian players were dope.

As evidence, journalists published photos of the Russian players, covering the noses of-the-hand reports “CHempionata”. The pictures were taken in the premises.

To obtain a physical superiority over the rival Russian players breathed ammonia, says the publication.

Bild published on Twitter a photo of Ilya Kutepov.

Gebracht hat’s am Ende ja nix. #CRORUS

— BILD Sport (@BILD_Sport) July 8, 2018.

And Alexander Golovin “caught” here in this “form”.

A screenshot of the material

Journalists acknowledge that the ammonia was probably talking about his aqueous solution, ammonia solution – is not a banned substance.

As indicated later in the Süddeutsche Zeitung published a commentary by a Russian team, which confirmed the fact that the use of ammonia before the match with Spain.

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