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China Mobile has signed an agreement with Nokia €1 billion under the agreement, the Finnish company will provide China Mobile technology for the transition to 5G network and will also provide consulting services

Photo: Francisco Seco / AP

Nokia and China Mobile signed a deal worth €1 billion, according to Nokia. Within the contract duration of one year the Finnish company will help Chinese partner go to next generation networks while continuing to provide communication services.

“In accordance with the agreement, Nokia will provide China Mobile’s best-in-class comprehensive technology solutions for next generation networks, cloud computing and computer communication”, — is spoken in the message of the Finnish company.

Nokia will provide the infrastructure for fixed and mobile wireless access networks optical communications and technologies IP routing, will share best practices in the field of communication with customers and provide consulting services.

The company also plans to expand cooperation to jointly explore markets to develop new products and services.

In February 2018, the company signed a Memorandum of understanding for collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and development of 5G network in China. After the news of the signing of the deal Nokia shares rose 1.3%, according to Reuters.

In late may, the Russian company “Rostelecom” and Nokia have agreed to establish a joint venture in the field of research and development (R & d). Controlling stake in the company will have “Rostelecom”.

The Russian company expects that the agreement will create a portfolio of technology solutions, “combining the development of domestic technology start-UPS and decisions of the Finnish manufacturer”. The company will engage in the production of software as well as routers and switches.

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