Alexander Sergeyev: “Science can only control scientists”

In wounds in General satisfied with just adopted by the state Duma in the third reading a law extending and clarifying the powers, functions and tasks of the Academy of Sciences, said on July 11, the President of the Academy Alexander Sergeyev. The draft law was introduced by President Putin. And, as the amendments are purely editorial in nature, Sergeev assured “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— The bill significantly expands the powers of the RAS, — said Alexander Sergeyev. For example, in terms of orders of fundamental research, strategic planning and forecasting of key directions of scientific, scientific-technological and socio-economic development of Russia, and also in the field of international activities. Can’t say that this will lead to fatal consequences. But the tool given to us. So all in all everything is going in the right direction.

However, the final text of the bill submitted by Putin on results of his meeting with the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is still undergoing some revision. But all changes, assured the President Sergeev “MK”, do editorial. For example, in the final approval of all decisions on reorganization, liquidation, change of type of academic institutions is still left for the RAS, although previously talked about the idea to replace a clear term “approval” much more abstract “review.” Feel what is called the difference.

Do not expect wounds, and tightening administrative controls, once according to the new regulations of the service in the list of entities, check this Department:

— We met with the head of Department Sergey Kravtsov, and he was assured that there is no control on their part is expected, since science can only control scientists. As for task effectiveness evaluation assigned to the service resolution No. 312, the Ministry is ready to amend that provision in respect of wounds, up to joint access to the government on this issue. In General, the activity of Rosobrnadzor, as promised Kravtsov, will be coordinated with the Academy,— said the head wounds “MK”.

Now turn to the next task. When the law expanding the powers of RAS to be signed by the President, academics, as planned earlier, together with the Ministry of science will develop concept of scientific and technological activities in the country, and along with the new law on RAS. Well, until 15 August will have to change the normative, defining counterparty States in conjunction with the Academy: the place of the defunct FANO is it now the newly formed Ministry of science and higher education. Prior to the adoption of regulations that defines the interaction of the Academy with the Ministry, is deferred and final personnel decisions on appointment of Directors of academic institutions.


Fortunately, the status and powers of the RAS do not overshadow academics issues purely scientific. So, the Academy, according to Sergeeva, will “seriously and calmly figure out how significant is the recent discovery in the Crimea of the cave with the bones of animals who lived there, according to preliminary findings, 1 million years ago. So it should be the subject of serious scientific research. And wounds ready to sign a relevant appeal to the government.”

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