Astrologers told as a solar Eclipse on July 13 will change the fate of people

July 13, some of the inhabitants of the Earth can see a solar Eclipse. As reported mass media with reference to astronomers during this event should not start new meaningful cases, however, to reconcile with family members with whom the person had quarreled earlier. It is also claimed that Capricorn and people born in the period from 10 to 16 July, the day will feel the beginning of change for the better in your life.


Although the blackout really happens, it will be private, that is, the Moon does not completely block the disk of the sun, and even the way it will be able to see the people of South Australia and Tasmania, while in the Northern hemisphere the sun will look exactly the same as any other day.

As regards the influence of heavenly bodies on people’s lives, from serious scholars such messages may be wondering is that psychologists and representatives of related to psychology science. The fact is that if a person really believes in horoscopes, in a sense, they can actually “come true”, but not because they are true. The main secret of the success of such predictions is that they are very vague. If the person is initially prepared to believe that the predictions of astrologers come true, come into force a phenomenon called “confirmation bias. For example, Capricorns, read the first paragraph of this text, almost certainly will notice a whole day for any auspicious event because it will actively look for and interpret everything that happens in the “right” way. Because the day a person takes plenty of events, and some of them probably can be interpreted as “the beginning of change for the better,” Capricorns it will notice, and people born under other Zodiac signs, will be ignored or not regarded as such because they like the horoscope predicted.

Soon a partial Eclipse that can be seen from the territory of Russia will occur on August 11 this year.

Recently, on 6 July, the earth and the Sun were at maximum distance from each other. And on the night of July 28, the inhabitants of many cities of Russia will be able to see the maximum in 15 years, the approach of Earth and Mars and the longest lunar Eclipse in a century. On the same day both of these events fall for the first time since 1830.

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