Convicted migrant worker who used a hammer and axe to kill the foreman

Three migrant workers from Uzbekistan retaliated foreman for the remark with an axe, hammer and construction gloves. After the execution the body of the guy found his business partner in an apartment in Korolev, near Moscow, where workers were doing repairs.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As it became known “MK”, 35-the summer inhabitant of Uzbekistan Otabek Kambarov came to Russia to work in 2014. In the homeland he left behind a wife and four young children. Settled migrant workers in the Moscow region. There he met two compatriots, and together they worked on construction sites. One day they turned up “shabashka” — repair of apartments in the district of Pervomaisky at Sovetskaya street. The migrants were expected to fill the floor. However, the Uzbeks did their job badly. Foreman Michael (name changed) in the hearts spoke roughly to them, and repairmen hold a grudge. Most resented the behavior of the foreman Otabek, and he also figured out how to take revenge on the employer. Migrants challenged him to object, and for the execution of prepared axe and the rope. The day Michael came to call the workers into the apartment. Indoors without further ADO Kambarov hit the man with an axe on the head. From this, the foreman fell to the first floor (the apartment) and lost consciousness. Migrant workers began to beat the victim feet. At some point, Michael woke up and began to call for help. To drown out the screams of the wounded, one of the Uzbeks turned on the drill. Then the attackers tied the poor guy to the Board and Kambarov shoved the man’s mouth construction the glove. Having made the dirty deed, Otabek took the victim’s money, laptop, cell phone, and taxi, the attackers went to the city of Obninsk of the Kaluga region.

The corpse was found by a business partner of Michael. He was concerned that the friend is not answering his phone. Arriving at the address where he was repairing, he saw the minibus of the companion, and the door to the home was closed. Sensing something was wrong, the man through a window got into the room and saw the lifeless body of Michael. As later examination showed, the poor man died from suffocation. Law enforcement authorities on this fact brought criminal case under three articles: “Illegal imprisonment”, “Theft” and “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”. Villains caught immediately. First came across accomplices Kambarova. They were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. Kambarova tied two years later at the border crossing with Kazakhstan. He immediately admitted his guilt and repented of the crime. Uzbek explained to investigators that he did not want to kill the boss when they left the apartment, Michael was alive. Recently, the court of Queen city worker sentenced to 12.5 years in a strict regime colony.

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