FSB detained on the roof of spying in favor of the national team of Croatia repairman

A curious incident occurred in the Resort district of St. Petersburg on 10 July. There are employees of FSB have noticed on one of the roofs of the man who led the photography team’s training Zelenogorsk England at the stadium “Spartak”. The man was suspected of spying for Croatia and immediately grabbed.

A frame from the video.

The incident occurred around 11 am on the roof of the house №27 on Komsomolskaya street. From this roof a clear view of the stadium “Spartak” to the base of the England team during world Cup, passes “Fontanka”.

The FSB operatives, apparently prismatrivalsya by district, where important foreign visitors, found on the roof man with the camera. After the arrest he was taken to the 81st police Department. There the man explained that repairman is one of the largest telecommunication organizations were doing routine repairs, and English players are absolutely not interested. As for the pictures, you did it just for several types of panoramas.

However, the security forces demanded from the man to remove the photographs was captured the camp of the British, then released.

Semi-final match between England and Croatia held today the Moscow stadium “Luzhniki”.

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