In Moscow, the prisoner stole his cellmate 80 million rubles

In Moscow SIZO No. 5, the prisoner fraudulently obtained from his cell-mate 80 million rubles, promising to settle his problems with the law. About this unusual incident became known through the press service of the Prosecutor General.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to authorities, one of the inmates of Moscow detention center No. 5 stole the neighbor cell to a tidy sum of 80 million rubles. To do this he had to resort to typical fraudulent ploys.

The attacker has to convince his victim that he may influence the investigation so that the man changed the measure of restraint and reclassified his crime as less serious.

In fact, the inmate had neither the capacity nor the intention to do something like that, that did not stop him to take the inmate money. It was assumed that millions would be spent on bribing officials.

The man was charged with fraud, he pleaded guilty. His case will be considered in petty-bourgeois district court of Moscow in a special manner, according to RIA Novosti.

The Prosecutor General’s office the names of the defendants in the case were not disclosed. Informed sources told “Interfax” that we are talking about the “fixer” of Dionysus, the Gold and the victim of his fraud – now deceased top Manager of “Roskosmos” Vladimir Evdokimov.

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