Life in the middle lane declared dangerous for the psyche

The lack of sunlight may increase the risk of obsessive-compulsive disorders, and also contribute to the increased symptoms similar to neurosis. To such conclusion experts from Binghamton University in the US.


Obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental disorder in which a person is difficult to get rid of Intrusive thoughts, and unsuccessful attempts to get rid of them people resort to Intrusive and tedious actions such as washing his hands more often than required by hygiene. This neurosis is found in representatives of all socioeconomic levels, although, according to some, the most characteristic of the middle class and people with a high level of intelligence. While ENV is almost always hinder people to fully learn and operate.

Experts have found that in the Northern latitudes, obsessive-compulsive disorder is markedly more common than near the equator. The dependence remained even after the scientists made an adjustment for gender, age and marital status of residents for which information was considered.

The authors of a new study suggest that the reason for the prevalence of OCD away from the equator may serve as the gloomy weather in such places. The lack of sunlight may in addition to reduce circadian rhythms of the person, especially if its internal clock and without that shifted due to improper sleep schedule. This leads to the fact that the schedule for a person starting at least correspond to the natural change of time of day, however, he begins to form or develop existing OCD symptoms, researchers speculate.

However, experts do not exclude that a key role could play and other factors — for example, cultural differences between countries.

The study was published in scientific Journal Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders.

Recently, another group of researchers showed that the hot weather if it is installed on the sufficiently long period of time, also not too beneficial to the mind of man. A study conducted by experts from Harvard University, showed that people who are forced to endure the heat in a room without air conditioning, are beginning to significantly worse to deal with tasks requiring alertness and speed.

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