Man brutally beat five-year-old concubine in new Moscow

A five year old girl brutally beat a drinking buddy of the mother, 37-year-old citizen of Turkmenistan, July 9, in New Moscow. Baby was hospitalized at children’s hospital, and the villain was arrested and to be arrested.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, in that fateful day, 35-year-old Elena (she is the mother of many children, the eldest two children 10 and 14 years old) from a five year old daughter came to visit a neighbor-Turkmenistan named Merdan (he rents the house room in the apartment). Elena is not married, is working as a Junior teacher in a home for mentally handicapped children. Recently, she began to drink, most likely because of the turmoil in his personal life. The neighbor also like to drink, and that day he was drunk since he came from the wedding of relatives.

According to Elena, on the basis of alcoholic intoxication at mardana clouded mind and a man with his fists pounced on the girl. In addition, the villain kicked her legs. A pair of cuffs and got Elena. Back to the monster she could not give, only shouting that he was left all alone. Stopped flogging the neighbor from the other room, which dragged mardana from the little one.

The girl received severe injuries (cerebral contusion, fracture of the frontal bone, fracture of the humerus). She was taken for treatment at the research Institute of pediatric surgery and traumatology. In a hospital bed, a baby comes to visit my aunt. The girl though, and came to himself, but complains of pain in the head and arm.

Concerning the man criminal case under article “Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”, he was detained.

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