Permian came back to a pregnant girlfriend, sexually abused opponent

Continued terrible story that occurred in Gubakha, Perm region. There are four girls abused peers due to the fact that she allegedly stole the boyfriend of one of them.

The victim left, the organizer of the attack on the right. Photo: social networks

Earlier it was reported that four girls, the oldest of whom is 20 years old, broke into the apartment of the victim and tortured her for several hours.

In particular, it was reported that the victim tore hair, forced to lick the genitals of ill-minded women, and in the end raped by a showerhead, from which flowed hot water.

The reason for such monstrous torture was a young man: the guy you first dated a girl and dumped her after she got pregnant. The boy “sang” for a short time and started Dating someone new.

Abandoned the girl are unable to live with it and agreed with three friends to “punish” the opponent.

The entire Trinity is now in prison. Freedom was only the instigator of the attack — she’s due in just a month.

It is possible to say that the organizer of the attack his made the father of her unborn child came back to her. Acquaintances of the couple claim that they began to live together, reports

In turn, the victim is now almost out of the house: after the attack, the girl closed in on itself. Her promise to provide psychological help.

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