Prolonged heat makes people twice as stupid

Excessively hot weather prevailing for a long time can affect human cognitive abilities, especially if he doesn’t have regular access to air conditioning. To such conclusion experts from the United States, representing Harvard University.


In the study, researchers suggested that about fifty students from Boston from time to time to undergo a series of tests. In order to successfully cope with the task, young people need to exercise, including such qualities as attentiveness and good reaction speed. As scholars have noted, all study participants lived in dormitories, but some of them in the rooms were air-conditioned and others are not.

According to scientists, on average, students showed approximately the same results regardless of whether they lived in the “new” rooms with air conditioning or in the “old” where it was not provided. However, the situation changed as soon as Boston was established abnormally hot weather that prevailed from 12 to 20 July 2016. During this period, the students, areas which it was impossible well, “ventilate”, began to tackle it all worse — on average, the results deteriorated by 13 percent, but in some cases, the difference reached 30 and even 50 percent.

The specialists drew attention to the fact that the heat effect on the cognitive abilities of students over time, intensified, and persisted for some time after observed a relative cold — probably due to the fact that the premises for some time was warmed up.

The authors of the new papers emphasize that heat has a significant impact even on young people who do not have health problems, and it can be assumed that in the case of senior citizens cognitive decline with high probability would have been even more significant.

The study was published in the journal PLoS Medicine.

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