Russian collectors have threatened to infect the children of the debtor AIDS

The Ekaterinburg collectors threatened to “beat” the family and relatives of the children. The man for a long time did not pay for the Bank loan and he began to receive threats, reports REN TV.


According to his wife Irina Mukhlynina, collectors need to immediately repay the debt. The message with threats from a certain Habib Sharipov has already received her via the social network.

“The contract your husband sell to us, you days to find the money. If not, start beating in the family, relatives, friends. Will they break life, that they for you to suffer. And pray that the needle AIDS in those who are younger, have not got” – quoted message collectors Irina.

The debtor demanded he be repaid within two weeks an amount equal to his monthly income — 30 thousand rubles. Six years ago a man took a Bank loan, but delayed the payments because I lost my job and could not get a new one.

In the family of the debtor is brought up three young children.

At the moment the family Mukhlynina written statement to law enforcement.

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