The head of the special forces of Estonia predicted the Russian army death in Tallinn :: Policy :: RBC

In the event of a Russian attack Estonia will have a decent resistance, promised the commander of the unit for the special operations Forces of defence of Estonia Riho Uhtegi

Photo: Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The commander of the special operations Forces of defence of Estonia Colonel Riho Uhtegi in an interview with Politico warned that in case of invasion of Russia in Tallinn the Russian army is waiting for death. The corresponding statement Uhtegi made in the context of the discussion, as far as the Baltic States vulnerable to a potential invasion of Russia.

“There’s always such debate. For example, what the Russians can get to Tallinn for two days. Maybe. <…> But to conquer the whole of Estonia for two days, they will not. They can get to Tallinn, but then we’ll slit their lines of communication, logistics and everything else,” he said. “For two days they can reach Tallinn. But they will die in Tallinn. And they know it <…> would be to shoot from every angle, at every step,” added the commander.

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In parallel Uhtegi commented on the events of August 2008. “You know why the Russians did not take Tbilisi in 2008?” asked Uhtegi. “They were on the threshold of, 50 kilometers or so, and nothing they did not stop”, he continued. “Georgians are crazy and they will fight. The idea of losing this unequal struggle in Tbilisi was not a very attractive for the Russian”, — he added.

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Politico emphasizes that the military doctrine of Estonia really calls for resistance in case of invasion. In particular, it is clarified that in case any invasion of Estonia the defence Forces of the country should “provide active resistance to the aggressor”, additional orders are not required. Resistance can last as long as it does not stop in its decision the President of the country.

Riho Uhtegi — Estonian personnel, the soldier, the special operations Forces of defence of Estonia has headed since 2012, said Delfi. He served also on the post of the head of Department to the Chief of staff, commander of the reconnaissance battalion, was the commander of the Estonian contingent in Afghanistan. From 1 August to the end of 2011 Uhtegi was a military attache in Georgia.

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