The mother of an addict can go to prison for organizing the kidnapping with the purpose of treatment

A resident of Voskresensk near Moscow, who wanted to send his son, a drug addict in a rehabilitation centre in Kazan, came under the flywheel of law enforcement. Now 57-year-old woman faces criminal liability.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

As it became known “MK”, trouble came to the family of a single mother Helena a few years ago. One of the two sons whom the woman raised one, got hooked on drugs and alcohol. “Passion” interfere with work (the man worked as a forklift driver) and of course family life. First, the mother and the wife of an addict, struggled with addictions relative on their own, but it was to no avail. Finally after another conflict that occurred on July 9, Elena called to Kazan and asked for help in the centre, which deals with the salvation of alcoholics and drug addicts. Tatarstan has left two young men that were on the car “Mitsubishi Lancer” to deliver the careless son to the capital of the Republic.

However, the 38-year-old Alex first volunteered for treatment, had resisted the men, and they forcibly pushed him into the car. He wanted to take on the road with a unfinished bottle of vodka, and he was not allowed to do it. The incident saw a compassionate woman from the window of his apartment and called the police. The guards turned the plan “Interception” and detained the car. Moscow region investigators opened a criminal case under article of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Kidnapping”. The investigators decide what measure of restraint to choose to the staff of the rehabilitation centre and what action to take in respect of the mother of the victim.

— You have no idea what I experienced over the last few years! How many wrote statements to the police. And not only I, his now ex-wife nearly went crazy, — said the “MK” Elena. — He, when on drugs, blackmailed wife the fact that he would post her photos online if she did not give him the money. Alex after shooting her in the Nude when I was still a normal person. Is, they had fun.

Alexei many times demanded cash and his mother, holding a knife to her throat. By the way, the man served five years for murder of the drinking companion who was sick with tuberculosis. He dared to offer him a glass of vodka from which he drank himself. It has hurt Alexis. When the addict was released, the mother rented him a room separately, but he still came home and begged for money…

— I have pressure. And with me the law-enforcers were treated as subhuman. One investigator, a high, screaming at me that are now closed for the 91st article. And for what? I didn’t do anything bad, and I put the organizer of the crime. What is my punishment? I’m an old sick woman. Honestly earn by trading in the market, I have a small shop — outraged Helen.

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