The oldest clay tablet with a fragment of “the Odyssey” found in Greece

Archeologists performing excavations on site of ancient Olympia, found a clay plate, on which is recorded a fragment of the epic poem by Homer. Experts suggest that 13 lines were recorded earlier the III century BC, and therefore at the disposal of scientists, the passage may be the oldest ever discovered, and almost certainly the oldest in the Western Peloponnese.

Photo: Ministry of culture of Greece.

The Odyssey is an ancient Greek poem that, according to most researchers, was created by a poet named Homer. It is assumed that it is created approximately in the VII century BC. The poem narrates the return of Odysseus, the king of the island Ithaca, home after the destruction of Troy. Although the journey of the hero, according to the poem, took 10 years, all the events in the Odyssey occur during the 40 days, let the time frame is expanded due to the many false stories.

Clay oven contains lines from songs XIV, where Odysseus meets Imeem senior swineherd and one of the few slaves who had remained faithful to Odysseus during his absence. According to the poem, Emma held Odysseus took a different form, to the city, whereupon the king opened to him, and subsequently Emma helped Odysseus in the massacre of the suitors that aspired to the hand of the wife of Odysseus Penelope. Then the king’s son Telemachus, the swineherd was released and made him a citizen, and one of Athenian birth, koliady believed EUMEA their ancestor.

Despite the fact that discovered 14 lines represent nebolshoy and well studied fragment of the ancient works, archaeologists believe that the historical value of the findings should not be underestimated, reports Reuters.

Illiada and Odiseya represent the only (and, presumably, the longest” part of the epic cycle of poems about the Trojan war, were created by Greek poets cyclically. Other poems are preserved only fragments and references, allowing them to imagine their story, but do not give the possibility to fully appreciate the talent of ciclico.

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