The witness told the details of the abduction of the head of Agroholding Orel region

The kidnapping of a businessman in Orel region — with a bag over his head, throwing the driver to the curb and shoving the head of the agricultural holding in the car — forced to recall the dashing 90-E. it would Seem that the days of the cool warfare was a thing of the past. And suddenly such passion…

The owner of “Orel Niva” Sergey Budagov. Photo:

According to the regional Department of the TFR, the kidnapping of the owner of the largest agricultural holding “Orlovskaya Niva” Sergei budaqov occurred near the horticultural society on the territory of the Factory district of the city. Criminals in masks have stopped the Lexus LX 570, which were the businessman and his driver. Then, threatening with the weapon, replaced budaqov and his driver on the back seat of the car and went to Luzhkov’s cemetery, located on the southern outskirts of the city. There the driver was tied up and left in the cabin, and the businessman was transferred into another car and drove away in an unknown direction. “At the moment no suspects in the case. We continue the investigation,” — said the assistant head of SU IC RF for the Oryol region Julia Dorofeeva. Bystanders who were able to find “MK”, said that the attackers took budaqov on the “seven” of eggplant color.

“MK” has found out some details of what happened… At this time close to Luzhkov’s cemetery, where the attackers had left Lexus was road work on the installation of the curb. Until workers came budaqov the driver and asked him to untie. “His hands were tied with a plastic cable tie and the belt from the jeans. He was in shock and barely talked, only said that the bandits came to “seven”. Nothing more. Workers and called the police. Apparently, he was about one and a half kilometers”, — told “MK” the witness.

It is worth saying that the last public statement budaqov was the intention to return to his agricultural holding of Tula region back to Orel. In 2016, after the conflict with the former Governor of the Oryol region Vadim Potomsky the head of the holding company re-registered in another region. He did it after the then government of the Oryol region have expressed the intent to return the shares of holding property in the region. The company was sold in 2010 for 14,1 million roubles. In 2014 the regional government decided that the transaction amount was understated, and addressed in arbitration with the requirement to recognize the transaction illegal. Budagov then called it an attempt of raider capture of the enterprise. And recalled that when his company bought “Orel Niva” she was on the verge of bankruptcy. Arbitration sided holding and dismissed the claims. Then this position was supported by arbitration court of appeal, and the Arbitration court of the Central district, and in the end Supreme. As to cope with Bodrovym through the courts failed, it was a criminal case on charge in bribery. However, in February last year, the court in this case acquitted the merchant, recognising that the head of the regional Department of state property Andrey Sinyakov who received wages, artificially created conditions for committing the crime. After holding began to obstruct, not extending the lease on the shops, which sold his products. And again, through the court Budagov won. However, understand that the authorities of the region to work normally, he will not, and took the business in Tula oblast. When the power in the region changed, Budagov held talks with the acting Governor Andrei Klychkov, and then decided to come back. And after returning to his native region, the head of the holding is kidnapped…

A local resident told “MK” that the businessman in the Orel region a is known as the man with a complicated reputation. “I think he had a lot of detractors. He put it mildly, a very complicated man with many located in conflict”, — said the citizen.

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