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It is not that incredibly hard to imagine: David Y. Berlin, the most experienced coach in Russian basketball, 12 Jul 93 marks. Far from sports people don’t believe that at my age the specialist remains at the helm of the team which gave life and the Guinness book of records has year to rewrite, correcting the number of years spent at the club, albeit in two forms. Now, since the bases Noginsk “Spartak” after 69 years. Berlin is working in this successful women’s team since the Foundation.

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To create, to keep afloat, to bring in Champions and then to save from oblivion and destruction — all this has been for almost 70 years David Yakovlevich. Everyone who worked with him, I understand why it happened: people have managed to combine quality honest man that is expressed in the popular saying “I want to live — learn to spin”. Yes, in fact, spun it not for himself but for the team. Girls basketball players left the cramped and not very comfortable hostel, I moved into separate apartments due to the ability of the head coach to talk convincingly with the then owners of the regional life. There were other unimaginable at the time good.

In the 1970s, winning the Riga basketball club TTT was more complicated than anyone of today’s European football to interrupt the reign of real Madrid. They played almost the tallest girl of the Soviet Union Ulyana Semyonova who was watching a basketball Hoop from top to bottom. A cunning strategist threw into the battle their leader Nellie Ferancova, cope with the problem and neutralize the Elsie, which, deprived of the usual space, I didn’t know what to do. And how much effort it cost to Berlin to persuade the leadership of the neighboring Elektrostal, its core plant and local hockey Palace “Crystal” to allow players to play a match under its arches! Impressive spectator support was guaranteed, but it is in our day the example of the men’s club “Khimki” we know that the bed cover instead of ice technologically not so difficult, and in that year had to spend a whole special operation on delivery in Noginsk district dismantled flooring. And the plan worked! Team Berlin became the champion of the USSR.

So nobody knows who’s who became better known: “Spartak” Noginsk with or Vice versa. At least the monument to David Yakovlevich installed in this suburban town on the Klyazma river. Here in the fall held the super final of the Cup of Berlin in the game that the birthday boy is the most democratic sport on earth and good chance to be seen (David long predicted the Olympic future of street basketball). What can I say! That the regional “Spartacus,” was among 11 clubs of the Russian Premier-League, — the personal merit of the Patriarch, now the General Director of “Spartacus”.

— David is not only a great coach with great experience and a real lump in our sport — said the President of the Russian Federation of basketball Andrei Kirilenko. He is a wonderful man who always hurts our game, genuinely worried about the team, for my girls. It’s worth it. Even in his later years he increasingly other 25-year-old, constantly involved in the basketball life of Russia. And not coincidentally, he is an honorary citizen of Moscow region and the city of Noginsk, honored coach of Russia. We always listen to the advice he gives us. So I’m thankful and warmest congratulations happy birthday. The most important thing — good health! Waiting for him at the matches and I hope he many years will help develop Russian basketball.

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