Counted the number of empty seats at the match France – Belgium

After the semi-finals France — Belgium in some sources it back the problem of empty seats in the stadium. “How can this be at this stage of the playoffs?” outraged users of social networks. “MK” explains that not everything was as bad as described on the Internet, and answers the question why this could happen.

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The first scandal with the attendance of the matches at the 2018 FIFA world Cup came on the second day of the tournament. “Yekaterinburg Arena” during a meeting Egypt — Uruguay was seen as many empty seats (despite the fact that all tickets were sold) that FIFA had to answer for it. On 15 June at a stadium in Yekaterinburg came 27 015 spectators (this is 81,7% occupancy). In the end, it was the worst result of all past world Cup matches.

FIFA later officially explained what happened, saying that gave the sponsors the tickets, and they didn’t. “This is mainly due to the absence of people from client groups. Problems with ticket operations on the FIFA website there was no” she commented.

Since then, the issue of free seats at the matches was not raised, although not all were sold out. However, such a scandalous situation never happened. For example, less than 90% of the audience was “Volgograd Arena” during the match Saudi Arabia — Egypt (81,8%), and “Mordovia Arena” on game day Panama and Tunisia (84.2 per cent). And became the most visited all five matches at the Luzhniki stadium (the room was signed in print prior to the meeting, England and Croatia) with 100 percent occupancy rate (78 011). Always fully filled and “Spartacus.” This is followed by Sochi’s Fisht (99.4% of the average), “St.-Petersburg” (99,4%), Nizhniy Novgorod (98,7%), “growth arena” (98,5%), “Samara arena” (98,5%), Kaliningrad (97.3 percent), “Yekaterinburg arena” (94,9%), “Kazan arena” (93,4%), “Mordovia arena” (90.7 per cent), “the Volgograd arena” (89,4%).

As for not fully booked semi-final France — Belgium, while the official capacity of the stadium “Saint Petersburg” 64 468 people at the match were 64 286 spectators. That is, empty of all 182 seats. A disaster is clearly not called. Why? Just when the fans hoping that their teams will be far enough, found out about the departure of their Pets, many of them began to throw off tickets. Some have suggested to buy directly from the ticket centers, some were handed over officially on the FIFA website. That is why in recent days there was quite a lot of the ticketing ballot box stuffing, especially in luxury categories. But some remained unclaimed. Those 182 ticket…

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