Croatia defeated England in the semi-finals of the 2018 world Cup online broadcast

Today, July 11, was played the second semifinal match of the world championship-2018 on football. In the “Luzhniki” agreed national teams of Croatia and England, and we passed this meeting did not pass. All the details in our live online broadcast.

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23:40 Croatia will play in the final of the 2018 world Cup against France, this match will take place on 15 July in Luzhniki! And the day before that, the British will meet with Belgium and find out who will take third place.

ALL! Croatia continues to create a miracle! Victory over England in the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup! The score was opened by the founders of football, thanks to a goal by Trippier, but after the break, Perisic restored the equality, and the Croats seized the initiative. The meeting went into extra time, where everything is decided year Mario Mandzukic – 2:1!

120+1` England played in the minority. Trippier was injured.

120+1` Four minutes added by the arbitrator.

119` Modric leaves the pitch, Badelj instead.

118` But no, just a kick…

117` Hit alli on the outskirts of the penalty area. The standard is a formidable weapon from the British!

115` Corluka out instead of Mandzukic.

114` meanwhile, a corner of England…

112` Vardy comes on to the pitch instead of the Walker.

112` Well, and now a word for England.

110` mandžukić escaped from-for backs of defenders, responded to the transfer perišić sent the ball past Pickford – 2:1, Croatia!


106` Went on!

Ended the first extra time! We still have 1:1.

105+2` Echooooo! In centimeters ahead of Mandzukic and neutralized the threat!

105+1` Two minutes added by the referee.

105` In the last minutes of England looks better.

102` Kramaric changed Rebeca. Left the Croats permutation specifically for extra time.

100` Elegant shot of the Stones after a corner – Vrsaljko rescued compatriots miracle!

97` England substitution: Dyer instead of Henderson.

94` Instead of Strinic is out, Pivaric.

91` Away we go!

Extra time awaits us! England and Croatia did not reveal the winner in regulation time, and the goals we have scored Trippier and Perisic. “Checkers” in the second half, seized the initiative and was better, so a natural draw and two more halves of 15 minutes ahead!

90+2` Kane shot – by!

90+2` Dangerous free kick earned Rashford!

90+1` Three minutes added by the arbitrator.

88` the ball is Constantly in control of the Croats.

85` Rachford couple of times and tried to sharpen the game, but its not really one support.

82` it Seems that Croats are not planning to play another 120 minutes.

79` the British do not mind to get freaky at the gate, but in time, Pickford kicked the ball out.

76` Croatia live not out with someone else’s half of the field.

74` Radford out instead of Sterling.

72` Wooooooo! Perisic beat the defender and shot into the far corner of the post!

70` Perisic popped up from behind the defenders responded to a canopy from the flank and sent the ball into the goal – 1:1! But this is interesting!


68` Good throw into the penalty area Croatia Kane failed to beat the defender and shot into the net, but from the outside.

64` Modric crashed into Kane and is now very bad. Although the dimensions of the players rather perhaps the reverse.

61` Nerves begin to misbehave at football players clash on the field are not uncommon.

58` Slightly bid up the pace of the Croats. Well, they have no choice…

55` And now Walker saw before crashing the yellow card.

52` by the Way, in Hyde Park after the goal of the British was a salute of beer. And we have this video!

51` Mandzukic received a yellow card.

49` And immediately the high pressure from Croatia.

46` the second half begins!

Break! England lead Croatia after the first half with the score 1:0. The only goal in the beginning was scored by Trippier, which is very cool struck free-kick. Subsequently, the British also looked better and fresher, but the Croatians were the approaches to the gate of a stranger.

Then they’ll have no choice – need to be disclosed and, therefore, we have the fun! Rest 15 minutes, but will not disagree, the time will fly by!

45` Preloaded Croat opponent, applying pressure, but Rakitic tightened with a Bang!

42` mind, was booed when he touches the ball. And the thing in the video where he shouts “Glory to Ukraine”…

39` at the end of the half and Croatia remembered about the attack, but in addition to ball rolling can not think of anything.

36` Lingard played the ball into the far corner from the penalty area line near the bar!

33` England in full control of what is happening on the field.

30`, Queeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! Some t miraculously blew out one by one, subašić saved!

28`, though a fist knocked the ball after the filing of the Yang piece.

25` Quickly to the counter ran the British, but one inaccurate pass ruined everything.

22` Powerfully wrong He is, gave the ball inside the penalty area to Sterling, who brought Kane one-on-one, but there was offside.

20` Include the pressure, players from Croatia. It gives certain fruits.

17` In-game moments Croats do not have time for English. Those look fresher, which is natural.

14` Trippier sweep into the penalty area, but the defender managed to knock the ball away for a corner.

11` it is expected the Croats are trying to gain possession of the ball, but are slow.

9` Modric took a corner, but the defenders easily handled.

6` Elegant shot of Trippier from the free – kick straight into the top corner! All the players of Croatia was in the wall, but it did not save “draughts”, 1:0 – England!


4` Allie knocked on the outskirts of the opposition penalty area and it will be a very dangerous standard.

1` the Match has started, pamelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

20:55 Sound of the national anthems.

20:00 Starting line-UPS:

Croatia: Subašić, Vrsaljko, Strinic, Lovren, Vida, Modric, Rakitic, Brozović, Rebić, Perisic, Mandzukic.

England: Pickford, Walker, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Young, Henderson, Lingard, Alli, Stirling,

19:20 Just over one and a half hours left before the semi-final.

18:45 According to former CSKA player Rolan Gusev in today’s match England wins. What do you think?

18:00 does the FSB detained a man on the roof who was spying in favor of Croatia. He photographed the training of English players. What did not make for the victory of his favorite team…

17:05 the Fans of both teams waiting for a match. What they have chosen, who will win? Response to the video.

Watch the video on:
“England or Croatia: opinion of fans was divided”


16:24 the city has very changeable weather. The sun and hot, rain and humid.

15:35 Meanwhile, the Croatian fans to thank Russia and unfurl a banner on Mayakovskaya.

14:55 In the match with Russia, the Croats played with two forwards. I wonder, would the same today, given the rapid English, and their ability to use free zones?

14:15 Around Croatia, by the way, during the 2018 world Cup was a scandal. After the match with Russia Vida and Vukojevic shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” that one cost her her job in the coaching staff, and the other was fined.

13:40 Harry Kane is not only the leader of the national team of England, but of the whole of the world Cup goal scoring. He has already 6 goals.

13:00 according to special correspondent of “MK” Juliana urban, in the vicinity of the “Luzhniki” for a lot of English. However, they are only going to issue passports fans, this means that the ticket they got recently and came to Russia especially for this match.

12:15 we will Remind that the winner of today’s match will meet in the final of the 2018 world Cup with France. And the losers will dispute third place with Belgium.

11:30 In connection with the semi-finals of the world Championships in Moscow public transport today will work up to three hours a night. So if that was the only catch, why not go to a football forward to the match!

Croatia in the group stage of the 2018 world Cup won in all matches. In turn were defeated by Nigeria, Argentina, and Lionel Messi and the company has lost with the devastating account, and then lost and beloved Iceland. Croats without any problems won the first place in group and successfully reached the playoffs.

On the “checkers” were two real Thriller. In the match of 1/8 finals in the main and extra time draw with the national team of Denmark, but the penalty still was stronger.

About the quarterfinals of course, you all know very well. At this stage of Croatia met with the mistress of the championship of Russia. This dramatic match also lasted 120 minutes of playing time, and only in the football lottery decided its fate. In a series of 11-meter shots was the best Croatian players and reached the semi-finals.

England is in the tournament, it seems a bit more powerful, but statistics of victories and defeats her worse. In the group of founders of football beat Tunisia and Panama, but lost to Belgium which yesterday left the world Cup.

In the playoffs the British were finally able to interrupt a series of defeats on penalties at the world Championships. Having missed the ending of the 1/8 finals victory over Colombia, England gathered at the decisive moment earned a place in the quarter-finals.

There is already a match for Harry Kane and compatriots came out quieter. Sweden could do nothing to oppose the disciplined and confident and England were forced to surrender with the score 0:2, and the British for the first time in 28 years, reached the semi-finals.

In its history, Croatia and England have met seven times. Four were won by the founders of football, two “checkers”, and once again was a draw. The British remember well the disappointing defeat in qualifying for Euro 2008, but in the last official matches, the chances of the Croats was not – 4:1 and 5:1 in favor of England.

In fact, today it is considered to be the bookies favourite. The factor on its victory is of 2.29, while in Croatia – and 3.72.

But the Croats have already established themselves as a very good team that is not afraid of the authorities. England was famous for his strength, discipline and a huge number of opportunities. Who will win?

Will affect Croatia’s fatigue after two penalty shootouts? Or England falter a step away from a crucial match? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! Our live webcast will start at 21:00 Moscow time, don’t miss out!

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