Disappeared, the ozone hole over Antarctica, threatening humanity

After analyzing the data obtained by the probe Sentinel-5P in November 2017, experts from the European space Agency came to the conclusion that during this month over Antarctica disappeared once large-size ozone hole. However, experts can not yet say whether or not it again in the future.

photo: pixabay.com

The ozone hole over Antraktida was, in some way, a symbol of what human activities can endanger people and countless other living beings that inhabit the Earth. The ozone layer protects the planet from solar UV radiation, dangerous for many people on the planet. However, the frames presented by ESA, allow to observe that the hole was gradually tightened and have completely disappeared by around 25 November 2017.

That ozone hole over Antraktida became gradually “drag” it became known two years ago — then experts from Cambridge University, said that in 15 the summer it decreased by about 4 million square kilometers, which is comparable to the area of India. However, even then the experts did not make predictions about whether they will continue on the ozone layer of the planet to effectively recover.

Experts suggest that much of the observed favourable trend may be the result of compliance with the Montreal Protocol on substances that Deplete the ozone layer, which entered into force on 1 January 1989. However, recently, the experts ‘ concerns was the fact that today one of the largest countries in the world comply with the agreement not in full. Two months, experts have recorded a rapid increase in atmospheric concentrations of prohibited substances, called Trichlorofluoromethane. Further study of the problem showed that Deplete the ozone layer substances are small but numerous factories located in China. According to experts, the emission control trichlorfluormethane is complicated by the fact that often his sources are never registered factories that don’t even have names.

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