Discovered traces of the missing English fans: just got to Moscow

The press service of the Volga transport Prosecutor’s office to clarify the fate of some English fans Douglas Moreton, which is already about a week are unable to contact relatives. The Ministry confirmed that the man made it safely from Samara to Moscow. However, in the Russian capital, traces of it lost again.

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Earlier it was reported that in Moreton arrived to Samara, and then stopped communicating. July 7, the city hosted the match between England and Sweden.

The family assumed that after the match the man returned to Moscow, as later in the Russian capital was used his credit card.

This version was confirmed in the Volga transport Prosecutor’s office. The Department stated that the Englishman got on the train Samara-Moscow July 10 and July 11 arrived at the Kazan railway station of the capital.

The Ministry added that the landing of an alien in the train and landing in Moscow confirmed the filming of the footage. However, his fate remains unknown.

The British Embassy has told RIA Novosti that are in contact with the Russian authorities.

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