France — Croatia: the phenomenon miracle in cell

Arriving at the world Cup in Russia in usual status as a “gray horses” Croatia has already reached the finals at the world Cup the only team not to lose a tournament point. Victory in the semi-final against England was both unexpected, and so natural. From all sides and only heard talk about the Croatian miracle – an amazing team that all three games of the playoffs have brought it to extra time and consistently has passed on.

Wards of Zlatko Delica gambling with lady luck at the toss, yet consistently coming out of these fights victorious. So what’s the secret of the Croatian national team, which the fans after winning the semi-final in a memorable game form and results has already jokingly called “miracle in cell”? And what to expect from her in the final?

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

Let’s just agree not to call the Croats the underdogs in the final. What are they outsiders? To win the main match of the world Cup, Yes, but not compelled, to play, too.

And the Croatian national team have you seen? Dejan Lovren is Liverpool, Sime vrsaljko – Atletico Madrid, Luka Modric and MATEO Kovacic real Madrid, and Ivan Rakitic – Barcelona. Rich and Italian representation in the country of the Croats: Ivan perišić, Marcelo Brozović in favour of inter, Ivan Strinic – AC Milan, Milan Badelj dusty for Fiorentina, and the rights to Mario Mandzukic belong to Juventus. Solid? Is not the word! But there are also star players who play for Besiktas, Lokomotiv, Monaco or Schalke.

And don’t forget it when in a fit of emotion makes you want to shout that in place of a team of Delica could and should have been us. What we played with the Croats at least equal, and, therefore, equal level and team. The quarter-finals, with the exception that the penalty shootout, the Russians really came, no doubt, but be mistaken about the true level of our team and its potential is not worth it. Such self-deception can later be costly for the nervous system. Remember the famous arshalinskiy “your expectations are your problems”? So Andrey Sergeevich it was talking about.

And yet Croatia is a team game. Moreover, in this component, in my subjective opinion, the Russian championship is stronger than they looked, except that of the Brazilians. There is a little more offensive, and slightly more defensive version of the game, which depend on the names and placement of players in the Central zone.

Croats can trump technique with the ball, playing a fine pass, and you can go on a long transmission line goalie, one of which sooner or later will find a Mandzukic. This team is able to work patiently chasing opponents in his own half looking for the ball, and maybe positionally lock the opponent in his penalty area.

Experience, efficiency, absence of any psychological pressure and burden of responsibility – all this will work on the Croats in the final. All but one opponent.

The French in the sleeves too short trumps, and ACE among them is swift Mbappe to catch up which, it seems, the idea is even more utopian than the rider Savransky from “the Pokrovskie gate”. But here Galicia there is a powerful counterargument. The fastest team of the world Cup many experts were called not the French and the British. With the latest checkered handle. And win succeeded in a time when everyone was waiting for functional decline from age players of Croatia. In particular points forward of PSG will surely try to show their best qualities, but a systemic problem in the Croatian national team speed definitely should not become.

One explanation of the phenomenon of Croatian at the world Cup there. Rather it is, but referring to the luck of the draw and accompanying fart in football is considered bad manners. But Croatia, let no one of her victories is no accident, really fucking lucky. Don’t go tripping over two consecutive penalty shootouts, and even a semifinal overtime with the British to turn into victorious without any luck wouldn’t be so easy. Will there be enough stock luck on the finals or the team Zlatko Delica already used up all the available elixir of success?

Find out on Sunday.

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