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Igor Chuyan released from the post of head of Federal alcohol market regulatory service, which took almost 10 years since the establishment of the service. The new Manager can get the expansion of service functions at the expense of the tobacco market

Igor Chuyan

(Photo: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti)

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed the head of the Federal service for alcohol market regulation (Rosalkogolregulirovanie; PAP) Igor Juana from his post. The order of the Prime Minister published on the government website (pdf). The document States that Chuyan he asked for the resignation. As noted by the representative of RAR Alexander Kulikov, the decision to resign is connected with transfer to another job, without specifying details.

In a separate order (pdf) Medvedev has appointed Igor Aleshin, the new head of the Federal service for alcohol market regulation. Igor Alyoshin heads the Federal state enterprise “sojuzplodoimport”. “Sojuzplodoimport” has, in particular, the brand of vodka “Stolichnaya”. Press Secretary of “Soyuzplodoimport” Nelly Pugacheva told RBC that does not have information, who will lead the “sojuzplodoimport”, confirming that Aleshin will become the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanija.

The net was created almost ten years ago — December 31, 2008, from January 2016, service under the Ministry of Finance. RAR got all the functions of control over production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products that had previously been distributed among several ministries — Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Federal tax service and abolished in 2015 the Federal service on tariffs. Chuyan head of the PAP immediately after its creation.

Before moving on to the PAP Chuyan worked in FGUP “Rosspirtprom”, occupying the post of Advisor to the Director General. Headed “Rosspirtprom”, Chuyan corporatising enterprises and completely rebuilt its management system. After incorporation of “Rosspirtprom”, 100% of whose shares are owned by the state, were transferred to state shares of alcoholic enterprises. Now state unitary enterprise “Rosspirtprom” — the largest manufacturer of alcohol. In the management of the company’s nine plants, eight of which were acquired from the structures of the businessman Valery Yakovlev nearly 5.7 billion RUB.

Alcohol single

For nearly nine years, RAHR was responsible only for the alcohol market. But in early 2017, it became known that powers RAR can expand in its conduct of the planned transfer, and regulation of the tobacco industry. With the proposal to create a “single regulator” for both fields, then to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin asked Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. This proposal was motivated by the fact that in the alcoholic market featuring RAHR earned system of USAIS to significantly reduce the volume of illegal and counterfeit products. The same problem exists in the tobacco market. But the participants of the tobacco market was against full copy USAIS on the tobacco industry.

Major reforms Juana

The introduction of the system of USAIS began even before the creation of the Net, in 2006, when it joined the producers of strong alcohol. Then, because of system failures supply of alcohol in shops was virtually paralyzed. Production volumes fell by 30%, have closed or moved to the illegal situation of a quarter of the distilleries. Retail USAIS already implemented the PAP in 2016. In the Russian system, all stores must keep complete electronic records of sold alcohol and to record not only the purchase of at wholesale level but retail sales to a buyer. Problems from distributors and retailers also began immediately after launch. The total cost of implementation is estimated at about 28 billion roubles and additional incomes in the budget at least 30 billion rubles.

In 2011, RAHR for the first time established minimum retail price (MRTS) on alcohol. After the introduction of the MRC have repeatedly raised over the first five years, the Agency raised MRTS on vodka from 89 to 220 rubles per 0.5 liters. In 2014 the state had to once again lower the MRC due to the growth of sales of counterfeit goods. “We see a concrete connection of lower sales to the cost of vodka on the shelf for the second year in a row, — said Igor Chuyan. — The legal market lost 14% of consumers who switched to the production of the informal sector”.

At the end of last year, the government approved the Finance Ministry’s proposal on carrying out in Russia of the experiment on the labelling of tobacco products — it will last from 15 January to 31 December 2018. As explained RBC representative of the then first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, labeling “is a tool to ensure the functioning of a more transparent market, monitoring product movement will allow to react operatively to the use of illegal schemes in the import and circulation of goods, nonpayment of required fees and charges, and will allow in the future to implement more granular control, reducing the total number of control activities”. According to the previously cited data from research company TNS, the share of illegal tobacco products in total at the end of the first half of 2017 was 4.6%, which is four times higher than the comparable period in 2016. The operator of the experiment Center of advanced technology development.

The head of Federal alcohol market regulatory service — RBC: “the monopoly of the state inappropriate”


But to complete the reform Khloponin, who left the government and did not have time. According to two sources RBC in the tobacco market, the idea of transferring authority for tobacco regulation is still under discussion. In particular, according to them, this question may fall in the near future in the agenda of the meetings in the Ministry of Finance. The question of the inclusion of tobacco in the area of responsibility of the PAP to the end not resolved, said the interlocutor of RBC familiar with the discussion. “Chuyan lobbied for this decision, but he had many influential enemies, including themselves, tobacco companies with big budgets and constraints”, he said.

Chuyan more than nine years, led the service, during which time the market experienced such large-scale changes have not been done in the history of the industry, said the Chairman of the Board of the Union of manufacturers of alcoholic production (SPAP) Dmitry Dobrov. Under the leadership Cuana was introduced the unified state automated information system of accounting of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products (EGAIS), introduced new legislation, such as the destruction of equipment used to produce counterfeit goods, lists Dobrov. Overall, the share of the legal market has grown significantly, and with it the amount of collected excise taxes, he concludes. Aleshin is familiar with the industry and the market situation, so we can talk about the succession policy Cuana under new management, said Dobrov. The transition period will not, he said. “Well Aleshina know in the alcohol market. It’s a decent professional specialist, very meticulous and pedantic in defending the interests of the organization, which is not prone to adventures,” said RBC President SPAP Igor Kosarev.

Questions to the Chuyan

The Federation Council in December 2015 addressed to Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Ivanov, then head of the presidential administration with the request to check work RAR. The senators emphasized that in the alcohol market, growing share of the informal sector, and control over the use of excise stamps is not working.

The head of the upper chamber Valentina Matvienko, a few days before this Chuyan said that “a lot of rumors” about his “affiliation with the alcoholic business.” She also criticized the work of the Ministry because it “regulates the poor”. Suspicion of affiliation was due to the fact that the beneficiary of the implementation of the MRC service could be a Federal distributor “Status groups”. It is the “Status group” was the exclusive partner of “Rosspirtprom” which CEO worked before the appointment Chuyan RAR. In the “Status group” then tested the FSB and FTS.

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