Plushenko stole Tutberidze third skater after Medvedeva

Russian figure skater Anastasia Tarakanova left the team of coach Eteri Tutberidze. She became the third athlete, who retired from mentor for a short time. Earlier Tutberidze scandal left Evgenia Medvedeva, who now settles in a new place with a new coach.


Tarakanov moved to the “Angels of Plushenko”, reported by the Academy in Instagram.

The athlete has not commented on the transition to a new coach.

Anastasia Tarakanova. Double Axel -triple toe loop-triple loop ? Everybody have a good time ?#angelsofplushenko @anastasiyatar04 #training 2A-3T-3Lo Anastasia Tarakanova. Have a great evening.

Publication from @ angelsofplushenko 11 Jul 2018 10:56 PDT

Previously from Tutberidze went champion of the youth Olympics Polina Turska. And the first “swallow” became the silver medalist of the Olympics in Pyeongchang Evgeny Medvedev. Is lost – from the point of view of the youngest athletes – performance in the Games became a decisive argument in favor of changing the coach. She Tutberidze said earlier that Medvedev was allegedly offended by it because of the fact that it was released on Olympic ice Alina Sagitova. The young champion was still possible to “hold” in juniors, but in the end she became the gold medalist of the Olympics, Medvedev has received only “silver”.

Now, Medvedev hopes to further a career connected with canadian coach Brian Orser. The sportswoman in an interview with local media said that she is in Canada is difficult due to the new training regime, but the country she loves. According to Medvedeva, people here are open and friendly and always ask how you’re doing.

“Here is much calmer. That’s good,” – said the skater.

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