SWAT operatives were arrested for the rape of a girl in a country house

Exemplary detective from Yakutsk is suspected of raping a 32-year-old girl of easy virtue, whom he met on the Internet. Detained the malefactor field investigators of Moscow on the night of July 12.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As it became known “MK”, police officer SWAT held in the Moscow region vacation. At home, he is considered a seasoned COP, in 2014, I won second place in the competition for the title of best employee of the interior Ministry in Yakutia. Also a police officer enjoys power sports in 2016 won the competition in beach bodybuilding.

About three weeks ago on the Internet, he met a girl named Sandra, started a correspondence. The young lady provided services of an intimate nature. By the way, the operative had not his real name, and asked me to call Andrew.

A meeting is scheduled for July 7 on the street Running. A policeman drove up in a luxury car — a white “Cadillac Escalade” (a car he rented for 11 300 rubles per day). The girl sat in the salon, and the car started. But after a few minutes the man stopped the car several times hit the passenger in the head and back, bound hands and feet, put on the victim’s head mask and wrapped with insulating tape. Then the villain brought unfortunate, as it turned out, in a country house in the suburbs. Here, threatening with murder, he raped her several times, including in a perverted form. What is happening maniac was shot on video. Only in captivity Sandra the rapist for six hours.

To realize all your perverted fantasies to life, a detective took the victim to the street Youth, where he landed from the car. The young lady went straight to write a statement. However, Sandra decided to take revenge on the customer, because it is not satisfied with the price for services rendered.

Detectives from the Northern district took remarkable ingenuity to apprehend the villain, as he carefully tried to cover their tracks. In the end, the night of July 12 was released on his trail. The policeman was very surprised at the visit of the guests in uniform — he was sure that it has not been computed.

By the way, it is possible that Sandra is not the only victim. In the Internet there is a review by a girl from Yakutia, claiming that the operative is dangerous, tried to rape her.

“If the fault of the employee is established, he shall bear liability in accordance with Russian law and will be dismissed on negative motives”, – the press service of the Department of Regardie in the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia.

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