The disappearance of the British fans in Russia: “lit up” his credit card

In Russia disappeared English fan Douglas Moreton. The last time he had been in contact with relatives from Samara a week ago. However, there is every reason to believe that the man managed to get to Moscow.

Missing cheerleader (right), photo: social networks

The Briton stopped out on bond July 6. It is known that he arrived in Samara, where England defeated the team of Sweden.

While Moreton was included in the summary of the British press before his disappearance: in particular, The Mirror wrote about the hapless English fan who arrived at the match in Nizhny Novgorod and already there I remembered I left my ticket at home. This fan was in Moreton.

The relatives of the missing believe that the Moreton arrived from Samara to Moscow. It is known that after the match in Samara in the Russian capital was paying his credit card.

The British Embassy confirmed the information about the missing compatriot. Diplomats appealed to law enforcement agencies.

Relatives of the men asked English fans for help, and reported signs of Moreton: in the form of 50-60 years, growth 167 cm, rarely shaves, speaks with a Bristol accent.

On the eve of the England team in the semifinal match gave the team Croatia with the score 1:2.

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