“The exorcist” a pensioner made a fatal massacre in the Volgograd hospital

The investigative Committee for Volgograd finds out circumstances of ponozhovschina, which gave 80-year-old patient of one of city hospitals. Killed one elderly woman, another injured. The suspect also said that “cast out” the demons from them.

Press service of the regional Department of the TFR reports that the suspect was treated at the hospital therapeutic Department. With her in the chamber were three more pensioner.

Early Wednesday morning, July 12, an elderly woman grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed in the chest 79-year-old neighbor – from the received wounds that has died. Then she slashed the knife across his throat 83-year-old woman. Both pensioners were sleeping at the time.

After that, the suspect went into the corridor. By the time the wounded woman raised the cry, ran from the doctors. It is noted that he has seen the picture left doctors in shock. Nevertheless, they seized a knife at the pensioner and called the police.

In the TFR have not yet disclosed the motive for the attack, however, the “Interfax” with reference to its sources reported that the suspect stated to medical personnel that “cast out devils” from their neighbors.

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